Zyuganov has declared its intention to participate in presidential elections


Зюганов объявил о своем намерении участвовать в президентских выборах

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov on air of the First channel stated that the all party organizations have endorsed his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections.

“I’m the leader of the movement. My candidacy was proposed by all organizations,” said Zyuganov, noting that the final decision of the Congress party.

Also Zyuganov stressed that the Communist party is serious about the presidential election and will be required to participate. “We have prepared the program “Ten steps to a decent life”. And this program can be implemented by a strong team, so the composition of a particular call later. But we will participate as a strong team,” — said the leader of the Communist party.

Elections of 2018 will be the fifth presidential company for Gennady Zyuganov. Earlier he claimed that he will announce a decision on its participation in the elections only after the official announcement. On presidential elections, according to the procedure, should be declared between 7 and 17 December 2017.


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