ZTE will have its own gaming smartphone Red Devil


ZTE does not intend anything to give Xiaomi, which recently introduced its first gaming smartphone Black Shark with a very interesting design. It’s going to release something like this, only called the device will be Red Devil and today he has already appeared on the teaser photos.

Reportedly, your Red Devil ZTE will release under a child brand Nubia. Of course, it will be a flagship phone, and it probably won’t be the main disadvantage of the mobile phone from Xiaomi – screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Instead put the panel at 120 Hz, which is very useful in dynamic toys. Otherwise, differences will be minimal – the same 6 or 8 GB of RAM, storage up to 256GB, the same Qualcomm processor 845, and even the aspect ratio of the screen is identical – 18:9, as was fashionable in 2017.

Red Devil obviously need some kind of trick to get around Xiaomi Black Shark, but while it is difficult to imagine what bells and whistles the Chinese, because it is clear that ZTE will not be able to compete with Saami in the price segment, the Black Shark is worth $ 550 in top-end configuration. But we already know that the Red Devil we are waiting for stereo sound and active air cooling system on the basis of four coolers. In other words, the silent operation of this phone you can not imagine. Show Red Devil will take place on April 19, three days.


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