“Zaporozhets”, assembled from 12 different cars, go to Germany


"Запорожец", собранный из 12 разных автомобилей, поедет в Германию To build a unique car took more than five years.

Designer Sergey Mushailov, which won prizes at various tuning competitions , is preparing to go to Germany at the festival tuning and car audio.

It is noted that the designer will go to Salzburg by car “Zaporozhets” in yellow. The author of the tuning project said that in his “Zaporozhets” factory remained only in the windshield, and all other items taken from the cars of other brands, including Fiat and Mercedes-Benz. In General, the model consists of components from 12 cars.

It is noted that the creation of a unique “hunchback” took more than five years. The car body in burnt condition was found in a landfill and considered the “native” color of the car body failed. In the end, she got the yellow tint, which the owner says is the most positive.

Completed “Cossack” on the streets caused a furor and those who want to gawk and take pictures with the car even caused traffic jams.


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