Yuri Pivovarov: Witte and Stolypin made the upgrading more successful than Stalin and Kaganovich


Юрий Пивоваров: Витте и Столыпин делали модернизацию успешнее, чем Сталин и Коганович

Witte and Stolypin were doing upgrades better than Stalin and Kaganovich, but did not kill anyone on this path


Yuri Pivovarov, a historian and political scientist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor:

O. flank: Yesterday in a straight line Putin has compared what is happening with the 30-ies in the Soviet Union. However, he noted that the methods used in Stalin’s time, not now. On the contrary, we must be free people. But, first, our whole system, law enforcement, judicial, there are some free people? And our people who do not want to be free. They want the king to call in live and say – “Bless you Nicholas” and so on.

V. Dymarsky: a comparison with a 30-mi years, mean modernization, industrialization, right?

O. flank: Yes, it is the overcoming of technological backwardness.

V. Dymarsky: Well, Yes.

Yuri Pivovarov: I think this is not true, because 30 years of what is called modernization, and the people of the liberal persuasion, saying, let’s barbaric, but still upgrading. But modernisation is not the creation of another processor or even there is a new type of aircraft, or something else. It is quite another. I recently read not the work itself, and the abstract of the book of a contemporary Russian author. In the late 30-ies in the USSR was tractors and combines more than in the US. But at the same time the United States had already began to take care of their bowels, that is, the chemistry, everything is smaller. And, secondly, still yields sharply behind. This was due to many reasons, not just how many tractors and harvesters. There the climate, and so-forth.

But what I want, what I mean? To ensure that the amount of iron and even engineers, who know how to do these glands, does not mean that the country is moving in some right direction. And any apology 30 years, from my point of view, my parents were living, it was their youth, it was wonderful as always to all the time, but apology 30 years in that sense… And that, in fact, we want what 30 years of no terror? It’s impossible. Terror and violence were the essence of these 30 years. It was a side business. Witte and Stolypin did the upgrading, conventional Witte and Stolypin, these are two symbolic, the most famous name, made the upgrading more successful than Stalin and Kaganovich, but they did not kill anyone on this path.

That is where anything can happen, as in any country, but this absolutely unrestricted terror against its own people… anywhere else I can’t remember.


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