Yuri Luzhkov revealed all the details of his retirement: the Last drop of hatred


Юрий Лужков раскрыл все детали своей отставки: Последняя капля ненависти

Ex-Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov released in the publishing house “Eksmo” the first autobiographical book. It’s not out yet, and its already been defined as the autobiography of a great Man, citizen and of Muscovite, without which capital would not become a modern metropolis. We publish an excerpt from the book, where Yuri talks about his resignation from the post of mayor of Moscow.

“Oddly enough, in a democratic Russia, my resignation has occurred according to the old well-known scenario, which was played under the Soviet regime. To remove fell out of the cage of the leader, published in the organ of the Central Committee of the party newspaper “Pravda” or “Izvestia” of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR article with the “criticism of the party”, followed by resignation. So did Molotov, and sent the former Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Ambassador to Mongolia.

Under Gorbachev after article about the shortcomings in the construction of Moscow lost his membership in the Politburo and office of the first Secretary of the Moscow city party Committee V. V. Grishin.

This kind of publication time and again I had to go through, starting with the ill-fated article “snow fall” that happened just two years after the entry into office of the mayor of Moscow. It was followed by the persecution of the sculpture of Peter, the election campaign in 1999, and so on.

It was time to leave, I made it clear, when on the eve of May 9 Victory Day, in 2010 on television showed the colonnade of the Bolshoi theatre, hung with portraits of Stalin. The computer image of Stalin with a Large theater was on a par with a picture of Peter with the feet of Columbus.

A provocation on the eve of Victory Day — the conscience of television and political breeder. They well knew that no such decision of the government of Moscow on the portraits of Stalin at the Bolshoi theatre is not and cannot be. But complied with the order — by deception, discredit Luzhkov humiliated him in the eyes of public opinion, I’d say rude and ugly way.

I have no illusions about Stalin and Stalinism. My sister’s husband’s father was in the camp and a lot told me about the horrors of Stalin’s camps.

Than I caused discontent of the President Medvedev? The fact that publicly in spite of it stated: heads of regions should choose the people, not the deputies in local assemblies. After which Medvedev advised those who disagree with him to resign. That’s what I did. But then he didn’t want it.

The last drop of hatred, which resulted in my “removal” from power, linked with the history Center outside of Moscow, is not connected with the decisions of the Russian government. In “the Russian newspaper” at the request of the editorial I wrote in the article that it is possible to argue to continue the protest of the defenders of Khimki forest, but my approach is that padded main way to complete. The Khimki forest should not be cut, and the way to enter into the city somewhere near the New Riga, there’s more space, less woods. But the way the state has designed, built, and if Khimki forest cut by 80 percent, and the path is laid, to stop work, paying incredible fines firms for damages not worth it.

I was summoned to the presidential Administration and did not hide that he was preparing a decree “on trust”, are invited to submit a letter of resignation at own will. And then “leave for good”. Given time to think and to think faster, on the Central channels showed a fake TV documentary & nonfiction “Business in a cap” and “Moscow which we have lost.”

These pictures are one day and not the month. The task is to remove me was a long time. All I saw on TV so-called Cherkizon, a huge and ugly Cherkizovsky market owned by Telman Ismailov. My attitude to this market, Telman knew. I would never have allowed his organization.

Cherkizon did not appear on the municipal territory, on the Federal land transferred to the Institute of physical education, of course, not under the trade.


Юрий Лужков раскрыл все детали своей отставки: Последняя капля ненависти

photo: Mikhail Kovalev



I have repeatedly protested against what was going on there. But they sent me away and said, “We’ll see”. The market represented a very profitable investment minimum of funds for maximum profit. The existence of Cherkizon had a vested interest are many, ranging from the Institute to the security forces, well aware of the outrages abounded there, the slave labor of immigrants and all other criminal Affairs.

Thalmann I was warned several times. I have had a good relationship, told him that at the first stage when I had to open up the markets everywhere, Cherkizon suffered, being in a difficult situation. The market is filled Luzhniki stadium, even in the Tver city Council was dealing with it, Gaidar even offered to erect a monument to the peddler as the Savior of the Fatherland.

Thalmann said: “This phase of the mad trading sites with rats and debris quickly pass away.” Convinced: “Build a modern shopping centre, and you will ensure yourself a future in Moscow”. I’m sorry that it all happened with him.

Telman Ismailov, for all that, about than suppressed, very helpful to many theaters and cultural figures. They are without funds it would not have survived, so the holidays at his house shone with the brightest stars of theatre, cinema, stage that was shown on TV.

In the basis of the pictures of me lay drawn up by Boris Nemtsov and former Deputy energy Minister Vladimir Milov report “Luzhkov. The results of the” a year before the release of the pictures published in a book of the same name. It is not excluded that the publication was initiated by the presidential Administration.

How to explain that among the authors were Boris Nemtsov, long gone from the Russian Government, a person at one time close to President Yeltsin, who saw in him his successor?

Revenge it was me. When Nemtsov was appointed first Deputy Prime Minister, he proposed that the population for one year on full pay housing and communal services. We then happened to him a very serious conflict. I opposed this decision, having strong evidence. Showed that the population of the country in the position in which it has appeared absolutely incapable to pay for the services in this speedy transition. From the Soviet times were paid only 15 percent of the cost of housing, the remaining costs were covered by the state.


Юрий Лужков раскрыл все детали своей отставки: Последняя капля ненависти



I spoke at the meeting, which was presided over by Yeltsin, and proved that offer Nemtsov completely unfounded, it is another revolutionary way to solve the problem. Able to fully pay for housing only 15 percent of the population, while the remaining 85 percent to do so would not be able. And if we move to such a system, you get an insane amount of defaults. With them neither the authorities nor the people can not cope.

The second conflict happened when the Germans stood on elections of the mayor in a nice southern city on the Black sea, where the winter Olympics took place later. He announced his candidacy for mayor of Sochi. He was born and lived in this city. The outcome of that campaign that I supported his opponent. Arrived in Sochi, met with constituents and spoke at rallies. My candidate won, and the Germans, despite the fact that young, very beautiful and bright, miserably lost. That’s the story.

He got me back.

After the unprecedented resignation of a campaign of harassment me and my wife great Galina Vishnevskaya compared with that conducted in the Soviet times against Mstislav Rostropovich and her.

But what was said here, including the allegations in the smoke of burning Moscow in the Moscow region peat bogs, it was just an excuse. The reason for my ‘release’ (the word what terrible found!) was in the other. The then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, ending his first term of presidency, wanted to run for a second. In America, for example, worked one term President is considered a failure if he was not elected again. And Medvedev decided to try again to win the presidential election, contrary to the worthless results of their work in the first term, and contrary to the agreements that he would be President only one term.

To strengthen his ambitions he needed a support, first and foremost Moscow and Muscovites. This proposal came to me in the past well-known entrepreneur Boris G. Khait. He said he expect me to support Medvedev in the next presidential election. But be warned that if I refuse, my career is not only over, but will be followed by sanctions. It was in April 2010.

Nevertheless, I firmly refused. What followed after that — well known. But I had a hunch about their prospects not only in September 2010, but much earlier. So that Khimki forest, and a portrait of Stalin at the Bolshoi theatre, and the smoke of Moscow — all this was only a reason to discredit me in the eyes of Muscovites. The real reason was one: my refusal to support Medvedev in his bid for a second term of presidency in Russia”.


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