Yulia Peresild has finally revealed the name of the father of her daughter


As it turned out, my father is now 66-years.

The star of the film “Sevastopol” actress Julia Peresild first told about the father of her daughters.

That the two daughters, which brings up an actress born of famous Director, okolovodnyh circles talking last year, when 66-year-old film Director Alexei Uchitel left his wife Kira Saksaganskaya and moved to Peresild. But still the actress did not make any official statements.

And in the latest interview with Marie Claire, the actress confirmed rumors that her kids were fathered by Alexey Uchitel. “The father of my children – Alexey Uchitel. Alex is a good father who cares about the daughters,” the first admitted Peresild, but refused to tell details of his relationship with the Director of “Matilda”.

“I really hate talking about personal life. Sometimes colleagues get married, get married and then spread it all on the cover. And if people close to me, I think, “aw, mommy! Why did you do it,” explained the actress.
Recall Peresild has two daughters – eight-year-old Anna and five year old Masha.


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