Your grandfather was a Communist? Then read!


Твой дед был коммунистом? Тогда читай!

More than twenty years there is no longer dominated by the Communists, there is no Soviet Union and no Soviet Communist government, and all those more than twenty five years anti-Communists can’t calm down and get more and more dirty barrels of shit to smear and the demon that had smeared even by the people of the good name of a just Communist society. Everything seemed to be done to ensure that the people spat in the direction of the Communists, hiccuping and crying. The people destroyed one of the cities of heroes of the great Patriotic war the city of Leningrad. There is now the current generation “Petrograd” proud of their city. It will not do you proud of St. Petersburg, who heroically defended the blockade for 900 days. Not stood there in Petersburg at the time. Were not, and only waited for the hour when his name failed Hitler would gain power from the future generation of the defenders of Leningrad. Wait. The glory of the “Leningrad”, which at the referendum in the 91st supported Hitler. Now it is a disgrace trying to rehabilitate some stories about the wrong questions in the referendum, or about the people who misunderstood these questions, or something. It’s all bullshit. There’s only one word – betrayal. But, I was just. For clarity of the situation. As the saying goes, you should always know “who is who”.

I wanted to talk about something else. As anti-Communists do not Excel, as traitors are not met, as the Communists don’t throw mud, but…everything he touches look in the new Russia everything is reminiscent of the Communists. Oil and gas – the Communists. Victory in the civil war against internal and external enemies – the Communists. A backward agrarian country transformed over 10 years into an industrial power – again Communists. Broken the back of Hitler – again Communists. Restored country – the Communists. Space – Communists. SS-400 – also Communists. Navy underwater atomic Communists. The strongest athletes – the Communists. Weapons, airplanes, missiles, submarines, ships, ballet, education, health – Communists, Communists, Communists!

What the anti-Communists? Shooting tanks in Moscow – the anti-Communists. Divide the people to toe – too-Communists. They ruined the economy – again-Communists, the war in Russia’s Chechnya – again-Communists. No its the development of submarine, ship, aircraft, missiles – too-Communists. In General, pooped anti-Communists in full. But most importantly, crap one’s left and all those who are in the 91st went against the Communists together with his lover Yeltsin. Best friend of Yeltsin and Putin openly said so – we the people were at that time in Fig. Fig was the economy, the army and Navy. We only needed to topple the Communists. And with the help of our Russian people, we did it.

Long live the Great and mighty Russian people!!!!

And all the same! For the sake of interest. Take put a point on the map of Russia, poke it with your finger and immediately fall into Communist. Somewhere he lies in his grave ever since the civil war, the Cossack saber chopped down because I wanted to give the people the happiness to live without lashes and a shaft.

Somewhere a plaque on which is written that there lived one of those 25 thousand who are leaving their families and homes left in the village to raise agriculture.

Somewhere lay a simple soldier, cut to pieces in the post-war time heroes of the present time or Bandera and Vlasov, or the forest brothers for protecting rural teacher of the desecration of these “forest brothers”.

But today nobody wants to remember these people, who bore the proud name of Communist. But they did not die for a sweaty wallet, and for that generation remembered them. No! Can’t remember their new generation. For a new generation the meaning of life just as sweaty wallet and it is strange and funny that you can die just for someone.

However, someday the time will come that the future generation will understand the true meaning of the name Communist and will be in front of the graves on your knees, begging for mercy for the betrayal of their ancestors in 1991. So to be sure because even 100 years you bastards will water the good name of the Communist dirt and mud, but it is still brighter ring great word COMMUNIST. Please do not confuse Communists with the members of the party. The Communists unified, and the members are very different.

Valery Borisov.


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