Young Ukrainians attacked the Gypsy camp and slaughtered the man


Малолетние украинцы атаковали цыганский табор и зарезали мужчину

On the outskirts of Lviv Ukrainian attack on a Gypsy camp, one person was killed. On Sunday, June 24, reported on the website of the press service Directorate of the National police of Ukraine in Lviv region in Facebook.

The attack occurred on the evening of June 23. Staged a RAID on a Roma camp located in a forest on the outskirts of the city, inflicted several stab wounds 24-year-old man, from which he died. Four more lived in the camp suffered.

Police managed to detain the attackers — seven young people aged 16-17 years. Also arrested was the organizer of the attack on camp 20 — year-old citizen. All of them can be punished with imprisonment for the term up to 15 years or life imprisonment.

May 23, unknown assailants attacked a Roma camp in Ternopil. According to witnesses, late in the evening violent people with baseball bats broke into the temporary settlement of Roma. They threatened the residents with violence and demanded to get out of town. On a scene there arrived some police patrols who detained 12 people. The police reported that the attackers did not manage to organize a pogrom.

April 22 activists of the nationalist organization C14 (part of the banned in Russia “Right sector”) dispersed Roma camp on the Bald hill in Kiev. As a result of “compelling legal arguments” Roma left the camp, after which it burned. The nationalists were openly reported in social networks about your participation in the pogrom, but the police did not detain anyone, and then the coordinator of the organization Sergey Mazur promised that the nationalists repeat the raids against “illegal occurrences” of Roma.


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