Young people are packing their suitcases


Молодежь пакует чемоданы

Every tenth inhabitant of Russia wants to leave for permanent residence in Europe, USA, China and Australia. Among young people the share of potential emigrants, and even reaches 25%. Abroad attracts people in the first place, a high standard of living, while in Russia the compatriots do not expect to seriously improve their financial situation.

Every tenth of Russians wants to leave their homeland, 17% of prospective migrants want to leave in the next year or two, 22 percent aim to emigrate within five years. As shown by the next poll, ‘suitcase mood’ in the first place prevail among the youth dream of leaving the country 25% of 18-24 year olds.

Among 25-34-year-old similar sentiments in 16% of the respondents. Traditionally, emigration moods lead the people of Moscow and St. Petersburg — 21%.

The government reports of recession and economic growth of 2% for the year, but optimism of the Russians is not much adds. According to a recent poll, about 10% of Russians do not have enough money even for food, and another 29 percent is barely enough money for clothes.

Last week the head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova said that since the beginning of the year the number of poor in the country increased by 2 million people. In January – may, real disposable incomes fell by 0.8%.

The emigration trend will continue for a long time, I’m sure the Deputy Director of the Institute of world economy and international relations Yevgeniy Gontmakher. To improve the lives of people necessary reforms, and not economic growth: 1-1,5% growth is not tangible for the Russians, emphasizes the expert. “And to carry out large-scale reforms in our country, no one will, so the immigration process will be actual still very long,” Gontmakher believes.

According to Rosstat, in January – April this year, the number of emigrants from the country increased by 12.9 thousand or 14.1%.

Left the country for the first four months of 104 096 inhabitants of Russia against 91 226 people over the same period of 2016.

VTSIOM notes that most Russians, dissatisfied with life at home, attracted by Germany (13% of those wishing to immigrate chose this country, 12% a year ago), in second place United States (10% vs 7% in 2016). This is followed by Australia (7%), Italy (5%) and England (4%). In New Zealand, Spain and Israel accounted for 3%. This significantly decreased the number of people wishing to move to France (from 5% to 1%).

If quantitatively wishing to leave the country a little less (10% vs 11% in 2016) in high quality, the situation has changed: the choice to migrate people to do consciously, often to set themselves realistic terms (two years) and to prepare for the move — to save money, to learn the language.

The most popular reason for changing permanent residence to the Russians call a higher standard of living, salaries, pensions and allowances (33%).

Average monthly nominal accrued wages of employees of organizations of the Russian Federation in April 2017, according to Rosstat, amounted to 39 839 rubles (data for may yet).

According to the latest survey of the Central Bank, the majority of respondents (51%) say that their financial situation over the past year has not changed. 19% expecting deterioration in the next year.

While in Germany, where the dream of leaving the majority of respondents, the minimum wage from January 1, is set at €8,84 per hour or €1414,4 per month and the average salary reached €3.6 thousand.

The average worker in the US earns $25 per hour, skilled workers — pilots, doctors, financiers can have an annual income of several hundred thousand dollars. At the same time good level of income in a country is the income of $100 thousand for a family of three.

The other Russians began to associate not only with the quality of life but also socio-political situation, says polls analyst Ivan Lekomtsev. The Russians when choosing permanent residence began to appreciate factors such as social stability, climate and ecology.

Part of our countrymen no longer finds a place in Russia, and these people are ready to seek a new life abroad “basically stable in the West, and that still more in their culture than Arab countries, Latin America or China”, he said.

So, 15% of respondents are willing to go abroad for stability and social security. Compared to the previous year 2.5 times increased the number of dissatisfied with the current government and policy — from 5% to 13%.

Climate and ecology in Russia are not satisfied 12% of respondents.

In addition, this year as reasons for the move, the Russians have indicated the factors, which in 2016 is not mentioned: the level of culture and medicine in another country (11% and 4%, respectively), human rights (10%), the unemployment rate in Russia (4%). Almost tripled the number of people categorically do not want to live in Russia, and exhibiting a strong love for another country (10% vs. 3% in 2016).

The number of those who actually left the country over the last 10 years, not much changed. And not everyone who expressed a desire to emigrate, in fact, leave the country, said the Director of the Center for socio-political monitoring, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa Andrew Departing. The figures show the level of the protests — the number of people extremely unhappy with the current state of Affairs in the economy or the political situation in the country.


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