Young model casually stripped on the red carpet


At the Cannes film festival, joy Corrigan showed more than I meant to.

American model joy Corrigan I picked up a outfit for the red carpet. It has played a malicious joke with it.

Star sports magazine “Sports Illustrated” joy Corrigan has noted that her work is perfect for attracting the attention of the audience. Apparently, that’s not enough for her and she decided to shock the public with his candid outfit in which she appeared at the premiere of “Black all kinds of things over”.

It is known that Corrigan is no stranger to Baring her body, all the more perfect forms it is quite allow. So this time she picked up the outfit from the famous French designer Christophe Guilherme, who was supposed to emphasize Breasts and “legs”.

However, lush pink dress squeezing the breast model, significantly reducing its size, and outright cuts to the waist, bared not only my feet but also other, more “spicy”. Flick of the wrist joy Corrigan shone in the lenses of photographers intimate part of his body, there was confusion.

Fortunately, the model wearing underwear, but the ridiculous orange color panties aroused much excitement. His blatant behavior blonde attracted criticism from fans who suggested that such actions model wants to become more famous.


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