“You understand that the system is stunned and now eats people?”


Yuri Mukhin – a suspended sentence. Barabashu Cyril and Valery Parfenov – four years (with the offset to the day of his release in prison), Alexander Sokolov – 3.5 years on the same terms. This is the “verdict” initiative group for the referendum on the bill “For responsible government” (igpr “ZOV”), which issued on August 10 infamous judge Alexey Krivoruchko Tverskoi district court in the capital. To hear this sentence, the children languished in the Matrosskaya Tishina for more than two years. They are recognized by an organized group of extremists who used the referendum as a cover. Under article 282 part 2. Kirill Barabash want to deprive of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Now we need to fight for the liberation of the people, to whom the break of life, which destroy the future. Now in Russia, established something that looks like a South American regimes “gorillas”. Supporters of the referendum in the Russian Federation are for the government worse than Maar Baghdasaryan or murderers.


With honest patriot citizens punished for what they have created initiative group on holding a referendum (especially legal) on the adoption of the law “On responsibility of government”. For the nominated project to the voters during each election receives (in addition to the regular ballot) and sheet valuation of the previous deputies or of the President. With three graphs: “Worthy”, “Worthy of punishment”, “to rest”).

All the “evidence” part of the sentence, which Krivoruchko monotonously muttering more than two hours in a row, is that the idea of such a law and the referendum on its adoption belongs to the public organization “army of the will of the people” (AVN), which the Moscow city court in 2010 declared extremist. They say, “AVN” has formally dissolved, but in fact turned into igpr “ZOV”. With the same ideas and even similar symbols. And those activists at the helm. (Although in 2010 the label of “extremism” the “AVN” was not for the idea of the law and referendum, and in just one leaflet, “You chose – you be the judge”).

The logic Krivoruchko (and the Investigative Committee, and Prosecutor’s office), if igpr “ZOV” is a repainted “AVN”, the guys – hard-core extremists, acting in collusion and in a group. Journalist Alexander Sokolov, the author of a thesis about the theft in the construction of the Sochi Olympics and the Vostochny cosmodrome must spend behind a barbed wire three and a half years just for the fact that administer the website IGPR. While Valeri Parfenov – four years – for collecting small sums on the flags and brochures, and recruited, you know, new members. And received donations to pay lawyers. My God, is that a cell of Islamic terrorists? Yes, the whole “extremism” igpr “ZOV” was the fact that Kirill Barabash at the rally in may 2013, said the speech, which, they say, linguistically and psychologically indoctrinated hatred towards a social group of officials, Ministers, law enforcement officers and the President himself. Allegedly calling the armed, violent change of the system.

All that can be said in ten minutes. But the two hours we listened to was going to some a penny, and sent some e-mails. Even embedded in IGPR informer (secret witnesses under the pseudonyms Vlasov and Ponomarev) are unable to give examples of subversive or illegal activities of the group. “The court” (can’t write without quotes in this case) is not even embarrassed by the fact that no court has recognized igpr “ZOV” extremist organization. Supposedly, there is in fact – the same people, and IGPR, de, never recorded. The logic raseyskoy krivoulya, those whose organization was once recognized as “extremist”, do not have the right to create other organizations? This is what the law says? In what Constitution?

In short, he is a massacre pure and simple. RF power is one Mara Baghdasaryan plant can not for actual violations of the law. And then the sword in the camp of people for one idea that people can assess the results of the Board of their elected representatives. Recognizing them as worthy of reward – or punishment. And for the sake of this farce we paid for the Horde “fighters with extremism” in uniform, ispisali volumes of the “criminal case”? Spent on this “business” a lot of time and public money?

You know, so tomorrow to deal with each of us? Everyone Islamite career, life, health? The system is stunned and now eats people?


Yes, still have appeal in the municipal and Supreme courts. But now the important widespread public protests.

My PERSONAL opinion: if we submitted applications for rallies in Moscow the government “slaughtered” (which is iniquity), then we have one solution. To go, and a separate column for any political rallies. Let them at least Bulk Kasyanov satisfied. Yes, with their slogans and demands. (We are the supporters of the new Russia, we know very little of the Crimea). With the requirements of the freedom of political prisoners and the abolition of the monstrous 282-th article. If the power is refused us in our meetings – come along to the ones she allowed. In this particular case let them, even the devil horned satisfied – we first need to save her. And then we with each other in free elections to deal. Not we destroy Russia, and the theft of the “elite” and such “courts”, that such repression.

I read that in Moscow, the liberals have scheduled August 26 “March for the freedom of the Internet.” Why not use it to demand the release of the repressed and to repeal article monster? Our comrades and their applications for demonstrations be submitted. Maybe allowed. The cries of paid “patriots contentment” about a new independence for all I care. Maidan in Moscow is impossible. The danger for Russia comes from her own power, creating abominations. The more of us come out in defense of political prisoners, ignoring the attempts of the “elite” we play off each other (“Well, you can go along with the liberals?”, “Do you need these jackets?”) – the more opportunities to achieve conditional terms for guys or review. We are calm: in a free election in Russia’s Pro-Western supporters of the Libero and the date of the Crimea with the Donbas will not gain ten percent…

On the day of pronouncement of the judgment cloud passed over the representatives of the liberal press. You would then, when there was a Kafkaesque process and wrote about him and freaks…


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