“You just need to sit down and go”


"Просто нужно сесть и поехать"

This summer, Alexander and Dmitry Vergeichik from Tomsk went on the trip of your dreams. Three weeks father and son traveled to 14 countries, have seen a nice, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Prague and other European cities. All this time the Siberians literally lived in the car “Oka”, which by day served as his means of transportation, and a night capsule hotel.

We deliberately decided to go to Spartan conditions, to spend the least money and get the most out of life, – says Alexander Vergeichik. – Formed a stereotype that sleep in the car uncomfortable, and in the Russian machine – doubly uncomfortable. However, Europe can make even the most comfortable budget travel. Around here we found free showers and playgrounds. Waking up, we warmed up on the bars and the bar – after spending the night in “the eye” is a must. Of course, now we have to take a course of massage – but my son had this great conversation, all the time talking about the past and future, about family matters and business plans. We worked as a team and our relationship became even stronger.

– We were not close together, even comfortable, adds Dmitry Vergeichik. – My dad had such a positive attitude that I knew – in this journey we will overcome any difficulties. Can’t highlight the most vivid impression: I personally started to enjoy absolutely everything as soon as we moved to Belarus. We are constantly emotionally charged from the events. Every day some new items, cities, countries and adventures. We were inspired and went on. So, as strange as it may sound, the road was very light.

The journey of a father and son prepared just: scored in Google-map 90 European cities and got a route length of 20 thousand kilometers. Things took to a minimum. In the trunk of the Oka fit bag with change of clothes, a gas can, pack water and a supply of noodles “fast cooking”. In fact, Vergeichik – are not poor people, a month before the “Oka-trip” Dmitry flew to Spain the ordinary tourist. But this trip they are specifically conceived as a heroic experiment, the main heroine of which was a minicar color “eggplant” with an affectionate name Zsuzsa.

– Of course, in Europe our car really stood out from the General mass, – says Alexander Vergeichik. But there was one special case. In Monaco we were suddenly in the stream of supercars. Bright red Ferrari and Lotus surrounded our Juju, like a herd of thoroughbred stallions. If she was able to feel something, you probably would be confused and scared. But drivers reacted very positively to our cutie took pictures of us and expressed his admiration. Oka has served us faithfully all the way and behaved very decently. Damage was not much. The only time we have thought that Juju will have to throw, happened in the mountains near Monaco. Due to the long stops in the heat occurred the evaporation of the gasoline in the carburetor, and the car stalled. Tried to start it, but she didn’t react. Have time to get scared, spent a lot of time going through all the worst options and there was nothing I could find. Decided to pull the car and rolling it off the mountain. In the end, Susan did start “pushing” it. We moved mountains and made it to Monaco. Very afraid that will not make it, but luck was on our side. We found shade and started to look for the cause of the bad behavior of Zsuzsa. It turned out that jammed ignition. The problem crap.

Instagram-a diary that Dimitri was leading during the match, full of enthusiasm of the discoverer. Look at the world of “Oka” is a very different perspective, which can give a tour: the plane – transfer to the hotel. Thanks to the road to meet with compatriots, the father and son learned that they are not the toughest extreme athletes from Russia. It turned out that one Russian company has gotten “the eye” to Iceland, while the other swept across Africa at “six”. The European traffic police were interested in Susan only once, in Spain. Police checked the documents and wished happy journey. The only problem for travelers was the language barrier. Foreign languages the father and the son do not know.


– Our knowledge of English are: for two around 50 words, – says Alexander Vergeichik. But with language we have no problems, everything is very logically arranged, we did not really needed. Anywhere always said: “Hello!” They understood that we are Russian, and we, somehow using your vocabulary and on your toes, perfectly understand each other. Even managed to explain at the gas station that our Acapela “eats” 92-th gasoline.


Reports with the hashtag #almirantearena a lot of fans – even before the beginning words of support were sent by people from across the country. At first, it was difficult to get sympathy from family members.


– Mom didn’t believe that we’ll do it, – says Dmitry Vergeichik. – Like my wife, they both giggled over us, they say, may, you to Africa will reach? But when it became clear that we weren’t kidding, the wife and I made our plan as inevitable and began to help. My mother also began to participate in the training. Of course, worried. But as soon as we stepped out, she gathered all the phone calls answered, that we are strong men and will succeed, even responded to negative comments on the Internet. Kept our rear – in short, well done girls!


The father and son is estimated at 200 thousand rubles, but managed to save: three weeks spent only 120 thousand. In Russia to spend the night in “the eye” it seemed unsafe, so part of the money was spent on motels, and in Europe, had to spend only for petrol and coffee. It brought travelers to the philosophical reflections.

– Globally one question: how can Russia, a rich country, to live in poverty, and poor Europe to live so lavishly? This is the main opening of our trip, – says Dmitry. – Where does the money go? For us it remains a mystery and an occasion to reflect. European cities are carved according to the standard, regardless of wealth it is convenient and comfortable, like you’re in one big country. Can’t call yourself a patriot. To compare Russia with Europe is impossible, if you will – will not be in our favor. Before the trip we had concerns that Europe is on Russian can react aggressively. On the Internet we read that the car of one traveler from Novosibirsk robbed and all the glass broke. We even came prepared – took the film and tape on such a case. But it turned out that the Europeans don’t care where you are. They’re at home enjoying my life. We made this conclusion that they have globally no reason to be angry – good earnings, seas, mountains, elegant way. Came to Russia… Two days of silence. Slowly accustomed, and already on the fourth or fifth day, as everyone began to “bark” at people.


Alexander and Dmitry are recognized: on return, the idea to continue the trip and get to Vladivostok. However, he changed his mind, finding that you have to go longer than to Portugal. Now travellers recuperate and has returned to work – father and son engaged in the furniture business. But I assure you that next summer will once again go on the road.


– You just need to not be afraid, – said Alexander Vergeichik. – All standing in front of dear worried: what to bring, where we’ll stay, what we eat. But just need to sit down and go. I’m happy that a month ago we were faced with a basically impossible task: this machine, let’s be honest, not designed for this purpose. And then we came back and her Susan returned to Siberia. This happiness and I wish all people to take and implement their ideas. We, ordinary boys, living the dream. And I think everyone can do the same.


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