“You can choose”: the Pauline Varenichenko spoke about the “therapeutic effect” of the performance of the Remote Kyiv


The Pauline Varenichenko. Photo: Press-service of the U!ZAHVATI

In the early summer in Kiev, the premiere-walking Remote Kyiv. Into the capital has brought theatre team U!ZAHVATI, for which the Remote was 4 immersive performance.

Director and author UZAHVATI the Pauline Varenichenko, which, together with Rimini Protocoll worked on locations and logistics for project presentation in the capital of Ukraine, gave an exclusive interview Zirki.

How did you know about Remote X? You just wanted to bring and put the show in Kiev? How were the negotiations?

When we decided to do theatre outside of the theatre, the first performance we wanted to show the Ukrainians – it was the Remote X. First, we read a lot about it, and Rimini Protokoll. We then took a look Remote Remote Moscow and Petersburg and fell in love with this format began negotiations. It was three years ago and at that time Rimini Protokoll we refused, I think they alerted our limitless zeal and lack of experience and a complete lack of representation of Ukrainians about this kind of theatre… But our fire was already going and we decided on the creation of his play, decided to walk this path dives independently. So there was our first in Ukraine a show-boardwalk “Time”, then immersive performance “DIALOGY”, then Respectable in the apartment “Day-Shadow” and only now Remote Kiev, apparently it’s our and his time.

Why other performances of this kind abroad, the choice fell on the German guys?

Because they are the best. In addition they are real, their objects of study-people and cities, and yet always relevant, uncomfortable topics. Rimini Protokoll flirts with the audience, chooses not popular and not expect that their performances will appeal to and resonate, they just explore and observe life, people and their behavior during the performance, it’s more a social experiment every time a new.

The Pauline Varenichenko. Photo: Press-service of the U!ZAHVATI

Performance-walk is not yet the most famous form of entertainment in Ukraine. Tell us a little more about the features of immersive theatre on the example of Kyiv Remote?

I always get upset when you have to compare a promenade theatre with anything. I wouldn’t want to talk about this amazing theatrical form, as a more interesting alternative tours or classic theater or creative form of entertainment.

Immersive performances it is an occasion to meet with him. It is always your story, where the city is just decoration and ambiance where you and the spectator and the participant, where you come to mind the history of your life, together with the dramaturgy of the play give rise to a ‘new normal’ in which the viewer is the main character.

Do you plan to introduce next season’s projects? Play “Time” and “Dialogues” team UZAHVATI were well received by the audience.

Of course planned. We have in the Bank there are always two or three new ideas performances, which are waiting time and opportunity realization. Because the creation of such projects a long and expensive process. Every show we create for about a year. We are now thinking about the performance for two spectators… only two. A couple who is in a relationship, in a place where nobody realizes that there is a performance, where the city and the people living their normal lives and only two, met here not by chance… It’s a big experiment and a big our dream.

The Pauline Varenichenko. Photo: Press-service of the U!ZAHVATI

Director Remote Kyiv Joerg Karrenbauer not know Kiev, you have the locations for the Remote? How long was the process of setting? Are there locations that you watched, but they are not included in the final version of the play?

The process of setting Remote Kyiv lasted a total of three months. First there was the first visit of jörg in Ukraine, where we have prepared and showed him the main locations and routes. After all, promenade theatre route this is the heart of the play. In the first trip of jörg we went 65 miles and found two routes that we liked. Then began a long period of negotiation of documents for use of locations and the second arrival of jörg finally we chose those places that is visited by viewers Remote Kyiv.

Of not included there were several places that we liked, but either they were not included in the overall structure of the route, such as the Church, which we were unable to include in the promenade in Kiev, not found the right one, or we couldn’t find a common language with the leadership of the locations and not finding like-minded people, were forced to abandon them. So was for example with the Conservatory, which was considered not interesting and too difficult organizationally the participation of their institutions in this unique international project.

The Pauline Varenichenko. Photo: Press-service of the U!ZAHVATI

They say that immersive performance is like therapy. What it is that people anywhere can not get? Thereby this “therapeutic effect”?

Well, firstly that history always about you. You the participant, not a spectator, so as you go down, and not receding secondly, this is an amazing and rare opportunity to be alone with him, but to act and interact with the group and others. Well, topics that raise Remote Kyiv, “Time”, “DIALOGY” it’s like a voice in your head and thoughts that are long maturing. But during a performance at last take form, order, and emphasis.

Why Remote Kyiv starts in a cemetery? Because in our culture death is quite a taboo topic. And you start play.

Remote X is in more than 50 cities around the world and the beginning of the cemetery is a constant location. Of course for different peoples and countries of the cemetery has a different meaning, but for the creators of the show is first and foremost a place of calm, reflection and a certain reset. The sense of the sacred cemetery under drama carries. But this place is best of a dive and kicks it with the normal rhythm of life.

The Pauline Varenichenko. Photo: Press-service of the U!ZAHVATI

Why such performances are needed for Ukrainian society?

Because this theatrical format is now the most responds to the needs of modern society. It gives you the opportunity to be active, conscious, to move towards the new knowledge and himself to be in a familiar, natural atmosphere of the real city and take in the images and metaphors of the play as it allows the inner world of each viewer and his willingness today. You can choose what to watch, what to participate in and what to leave the play. Everyone looks their history and there are no two identical performances.

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