Yarmolenko incredible shot scored the first goal in Borussia D


Ukraine national team leader Andriy Yarmolenko in the first round match of the group stage of the Champions League against Tottenham opened the scoring his goals in Borussia Dortmund.

Head coach of “Borussia” D Peter Barefoot on a match with “Tottenham” released Yarmolenko in the starting lineup. The Ukrainian needed just 11 minutes to justify the confidence of the coaching staff.

The first goal Yarmolenko in the German club was very striking – the former FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder picked up the ball on the right edge of the penalty area and curled an incredible shot forced star French goalkeeper Hugo Loris to remove the ball from the net his goal.

At the moment, “Tottenham” and “Borussia” D played 25 minutes. The score 2:1 in favor of the hosts. Between the masterpiece Yarmolenko the German defense broke Hong son-Min and Harry Kane.

Recall that Andriy Yarmolenko made his debut in “Borussia” D last week in the Bundesliga match against SC Freiburg Ukrainian played about 10 minutes and nothing special noted.


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