Yandex is willing to buy your old car


Russian Internet giant Yandex has decided to try himself as a middleman of car: very soon he will buy up old cars from the Russians for their subsequent resale. For this he has all the tools you need, including your own portal acquired relatively recently.

But, if in real life outbid buy almost all the cars, giving them a minimum price, then Yandex will nitpick – for example, he does not need machines, which PTS are more than two owners. In addition, in order to sell a car fast, will have the most to refurbish the interior, bring it almost to factory condition, plus the machine should not be involved in serious accidents. Total requirements too much, and much easier to sell the car by the old methods, including the market and the same Avito.

His new project Yandex launches in the near future, and the first details about it will be revealed in a month. We will add that recently Yandex launched its own voice assistant called Alice who speaks in the voice of Tatyana Shitova, voiced by Scarlett Johansson.


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