Yandex has launched a voice assistant


Яндекс запустил голосового помощникаThe program was called “Alice”.

Internet company Yandex has launched a voice assistant named “Alice”, an analogue of Siri from Apple. According to a press release, the program “Alice” has incorporated a wide array of text and answers-joke, similar to Siri.

While you can conduct a dialogue, like by asking questions out loud and typing them into the chat. Currently voice assistant works with a number of Yandex services including “Search”, “Maps”, “Music” and “Weather”. In the future, “Alice” will be available on all services of the company and will also be able to run third-party applications, if they agree to it. There are such negotiations, the company said.

In the near future, “Alice” will appear in “Yandex.The browser” and then in other products of “Yandex”, the exact dates the company did not disclose.


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