Yandex.Experts will replace the Answers Mail.Ru


The company Yandex has begun testing of its new Yandex.Experts, which will make the Internet much more useful. In fact, it is a service of questions and answers, a kind of analogue of the Answers Mail.Ru which we haven’t develop and gradually forgotten.

Yandex.Connoisseurs will allow users to ask questions and to answer them, that is, the experts will be the users themselves. There is an opportunity to ask questions and to answer them anonymously, which is also very important. At the time of testing the project has the following sections: Work and career; Society, history and politics; Computers, electronics and Internet, Business and law. Further categories will be even greater, which can not but rejoice.

Not going anywhere, and the rating system: Yandex.Connoisseurs will allow you to set the assessment by the questions and answers that will reduce the number of comic and deliberately wrong answers. Provides the ability to subscribe to certain topics: in this case Yandex.Connoisseurs will turn into a kind of Wikipedia – the user will get a mini-articles on topics of interest to him and thereby to develop. Date full launch of the considered service is not installed.


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