Xiaomi will release its own gaming smartphone


Xiaomi is credited with the intention to release its own gaming smartphone, as had been done by company Razer and Asus is going to do. The Network has even has a name in its creation – it will call by the name of Black Shark and it will be very powerful, but relatively affordable mobile phone.

To distinguish the game from the usual smartphone flagship is not so simple: the gaming Razer Phone looks quite traditional and different from the top models of her screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is likely that Xiaomi will approach this issue from the other side and present Black Shark as a symbiosis of the smartphone and gaming predstavki – it will be released a special docking station in the form of a joystick.

While that’s just speculation, Xiaomi itself has not commented on them, but this year it is a chance to get to know Black Shark is already on the official announcement. Information about the smartphone gave the Chinese insiders who reported on having two speakers in addition to voice as well as USB-C port for faster charging. This year will also be the second generation Razer Phone, and Asus could introduce its own gaming smartphone at the end of this month.


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