Xiaomi will call their new shell MIUI 10


This week appeared the first rumors about the next version of the legendary shell MIUI from Xiaomi. Sources claimed that it will be called MIUI, but today the network posted, though informal, but still a refutation.

Hardly Xiaomi will want to at the mention of her firmware people immediately think of the iPhone’s, operating system which was discovered a huge number of flaws. For this reason, the shell will be called MIUI 10, and this information provided by the staff of the business Department of Xiaomi. About the possibilities of MIUI 10 today knows nothing, because MIUI 9 came out just a couple of months ago and still has not appeared on all the earlier smartphones of Chinese brands.

According to insiders, MIUI 10 the emphasis is on optimization in terms of battery consumption and RAM usage, as the speed of the firmware is already quite high. Recall that MIUI 9 will be for the vast majority of Xiaomi smartphones the latest firmware: company released its for more than 40 gadgets, including models from six years ago, but continue to support them she does not intend to.


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