Xiaomi smartphones will learn to identify the owners face


The company Xiaomi is working on a new system of identification which will function exactly the same as Face ID from Apple. In other words, the smartphones of this brand will learn its owners face.

Xiaomi already has started to develop its own technology of recognition of persons, and the company intends to compete with Apple, because a similar system in smartphones Samsung is working correctly and attention is absolutely not worth it. Work on the project involved a very large players, in particular, Qualcomm and experts Wonder Vision, and overall for the entire system will meet a number of special sensors and sensors. According to preliminary data, the establishment of the system will be completed in the first quarter of 2018, and the mass production of its components will begin a month later, so in the second half of the world will get acquainted with Xiaomi smartphones with unique analog Face ID.

I want to believe that the company will be able to do without monobrow, which offers Apple iPhone X, but we’ll only know next year. By the way, in the same direction to work and two other Chinese brand Oppo and Huawei, and they all intend to reach the goal in 2018. What will come of this arms race, time will tell.


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