Xiaomi MIUI will clear of advertising


Xiaomi company finally heard the outrage of millions of users about the most important and almost the only problem its firmware MIUI. This, of course, about built-in advertising, which in recent versions has become very much.

According to representatives of Xiaomi, in new versions it will reduce the amount of spam, moreover, radically. They noted that the work in this direction is already underway, and that is, what’s left will be more intelligent. It will implement the algorithms by which users will receive ads only on those topics that interest them. And this, of course, a medal with two sides – on the one hand, blatant spam will be less, on the other hand, the algorithms will learn through the analysis of personal data of users, and this is very bad.

Apparently, change will have to wait for the owners of Xiaomi gadgets in the next update of MIUI, maybe even before the release of MIUI 11, which, by the way, is still not announced. However, there are many ways of ridding firmware from spam without SMS and registration – they are all described in the Internet to implement them is not difficult.


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