Xiaomi Mi Band 3 snapping with great speed


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 раскупают с огромной скоростьюThe main innovation of the new product is that its display now supports touch control.

In the beginning of this week on store shelves, China received a long-awaited smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which has many cool features. Initially it was expected that the new product will be in short supply immediately after the start of sales that happened, but the manufacturer just two days brought the situation under control and did so to acquire this device as possible throughout the country on the day of booking or within a few business days.

Chinese media reports that buyers are snapping up Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with record speed. This fitness tracker has brought millions of people crazy, because the total number of copies sold in China exceeded 2.5 million units. These figures are really impressive, especially taking into account the fact that in the near future on the shelves will do a more advanced version of the fitness tracker, which will be equipped with NFC module.Even without contactless NFC chip, and the basic version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for 169 yuan it is not, the smart bracelet is in great demand. From this it follows that the tracker drove millions of people crazy, and the reasons for that are several.

The main innovation of the new product is that its display now supports touch control, allowing you to control many features without the smartphone, but it’s extremely convenient and helpful. Also do not forget about the water protection IP68, through which it is possible to swim in the pool. Also through this fitness tracker, you can answer voice calls on the phone, and also to know about which notifications received on the mobile device. In addition to all this, the smart bracelet is able to offer three strap choices – black, red and dark blue, so his buyers have the opportunity of some customization of appearance. In the future, clearly, on the shelves will do the other straps.


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