Xiaomi Mi 6X: Chinese iPhone clone X


In the network posted the first official image of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X, and the image advertising. If you do not pay attention to the MI logo on the rear panel, you might think that the Chinese indeterminate sex advertises the Apple iPhone X.

In fact, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6X so strongly reminiscent of the current Apple flagship, that to confuse them is very simple: the same design elements of the rear panel, vertically arranged, and even the camera sticks out from the body as much. Is that a painted Apple is replaced by a workable fingerprint scanner, but otherwise the similarities are striking. Note that the Xiaomi Mi 6X shown only from behind, and there are two assumptions: either from the front it has Apple same unibrow, or there are standard as most smartphones with screen 18:9.

The similarity to the IPhone, Xiaomi Mi 6X has at least two advantages: first, it definitely will cost much cheaper, and secondly, it’s certainly set the shell MIUI, recognized as one of the best in the world. In addition to the standard shades, will add another, and their signature blue color, as in render. The date of the announcement, Xiaomi Mi 6X yet, but April 27, Xiaomi will hold a conference, the purpose of which is not disclosed.


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