Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix became the world’s first smartphone with support for 5G


The company Xiaomi managed to beat all the General and first in the world to introduce a smartphone with support for cellular networks of the fifth generation. It appeared to be its flagship Mi 3 Mix, which is already two months is in the sale, however, here we are talking about his top modification.

As it became known, the most expensive version of the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, have not yet entered the market is based on the Qualcomm 855, presented yesterday, so all the rumors that Qualcomm has shipped her a batch of these CPU before the announcement, turned out to be true. To buy the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix modem 5G, everyone can, that’s just gonna have to wait until the first quarter of 2019, when it will be release.

The price of the smartphone is not reported, but it is still the same top-end flagship with a fully edge-to-edge screen, pull out the camera and this time with the ability to transfer data at speeds of 2 gigabits per second. Just think – nearly 200 megabytes per second in the air! However, there are still no commercial networks of the fifth generation, so Xiaomi just trying to hypnoti, as they say in your Internet, but the fact pleases company ahead of the rest, but it doesn’t prices on their phones, unlike the bloated AAA players of the smartphone market.


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