Xiaomi is developing a flagship smartphone with 11 cameras


On the Telegram-channel Tekhnomen appeared insider information about the new flagship Xiaomi.

According to the Chinese company is developing a smartphone with 11 cameras on the basis of its own operating system. The smartphone, code-named Dragon Eye will introduce in the fall and it will be much different than the previous products of the company, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to vladtime.ru.

Xiaomi decided to learn from the mistakes of others and began to develop its own operating system YingjiaOS (MiOS), independent of Android. Yingjia — in Chinese means the winner. The Chinese company has long showed the world that it can release a great device for a modest price tag, but the product is designed to make an impact on the flagships. “Dragon’s eye” takes into account errors the Huawei.

Another Chinese manufacturer got into a confrontation with the US government due to the fact that their smartphones started to take the lion share of the market. Under the guise of allegations, the Americans have made Huawei the black list and greatly influenced their workflows.

To avoid this, Xiaomi in advance began to develop its own OS. Data about the new systems a bit, but we already know that it will support applications with Android. The main feature of Dragon Eye will become the main camera for 11 modules.

For a long time to argue about whether the number of cameras on photo quality, but the 11 modules will certainly attract the attention of the public. This smartphone will be able to select users from the crowd and give them uniqueness. A similar arrangement of chambers is observed in Nokia 9 PureView. Apparently the Chinese, in their usual manner, once again, borrowed the idea from others, but supplemented it with an Asian panache.

Data regarding the characteristics of the smartphone is not, but considering all the factors, we can assume that he will get a flagship chipset the Snapdragon 855 and will cost around $500. More details to get acquainted with a novelty will be already in the autumn of 2019, at the presentation of Xiaomi.


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