Xiaomi briefly give up Mi Note and Mi Max


Xiaomi company put an end to the rumors about models Mi Note and Mi Max, which was supposed to update. It is now clear that Xiaomi intends to do with them.

Recall that in the week there appeared information about the closure of the lines of Mi Note and Mi Max, and later other insiders have posted in the set of characteristics of the new representatives of both series. In the end, all wrong – according to CEO of Xiaomi, about Mi Note and Mi Max, you can forget, but only for one year. This means that updating the lines may take place in 2020, and now the company will promote Redmi and new SS series – smartphones for women.
However, the head of Xiaomi was not a 100% guarantee to assert that in the future, the Mi Note and Mi Max will come – like it or not, smartphones niche and Note and does a lot of similar models from Xiaomi. It may well be that the Mi Note will go into oblivion, and Mi Max upgraded, because no one produces such a large-sized mobile phones, in addition, they are very popular in many countries around the world.


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