X iPhone hacked using new tools


iPhone X взломали с помощью новой утилитыThe utility also works with iPhone 8 and other Apple gadgets.

Programmer Jonathan Levin released a utility LiberiOS, which is designed for the iPhone X. It is also applicable with iPhone 8 and other Apple smartphones.

The programmer declares that his actual utility for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that support iOS 11.0.
For hacking specialist used a vulnerability in iOS 11.1.2 previously discovered by Google employee Ian Beer.

The publication reports that currently the break-in, produced by LiberiOS, is attached. Accordingly, after the device reboots, the procedure need to repeat it.

Levin himself said he does not vouch for the future performance of the gadget hacked, and advised to make a backup and use your Apple ID without reference to the payment card.


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