Wuhan transition back to normal life begins


In the Chinese region where the coronavirus outbreak began, residents are trying to resume normal life. All travel restrictions in Hubei Province have been lifted, except in the capital, Wuhan. There the restrictions apply until April 8.

The authorities decided to relax the measures after no new contamination was detected in Hubei. The province was locked up for two months with its approximately 60 million inhabitants. Workers are called to return to work. Tourist attractions open again.

The people of Wuhan have to remain in quarantine until April 8, because the city is the epicenter of the outbreak. The reopening of the city is considered a milestone in the fight against the virus.

According to the Chinese authorities, only people who come to China, for example returning students, are a contagion risk. More than 81,000 infections and 3,300 corona deaths have been counted to date.


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