Worn out look of the lure for people


Замучились искать приманки для народа

Almost everything that is happening, drives the masses in irritation. But the boss does not want to look unfortunate and obscured from the wild archaic.

Sorry, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.
Show completely… But it easily would have found an invisible link between the statement of Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) about “serious attitude to the version of the ritual murder” of the Royal family and took place almost exactly at the same time sprinkling Holy water on the rocket “Soyuz 2.1 b” and the personnel of the cosmodrome “East”, produced by Bishop Lucian (Kutsenko).

A few days later, these two stories with the same synchronicity has moved into a new phase.

Bishop Tikhon said that in his words was not even a hint of anything anti-Semitic, however, transparent and understandable expression of “ritual murder” has somehow replaced the mysterious formula “ritual retaliation of the Bolsheviks”.

But Bishop Lucian did not indulge in excuses about the accident sanctified them “Union.” Although well-known theologian-apatani Andrei Kuraev, accusing him personally, declared that “the Church provides services, but never responsible for the quality of these services” and that the responsibility for the accident with the spacecraft needs to carry, including clergy, who sanctify them. Representatives of the ROC categorically shallows kurahivska thesis, but the awkwardness of the incident are not eliminated completely.

Because the conspiracy, as well as in mysticism, we agreed not to go see what in the dry residue.

Let’s start with the crash of the “East”. For me, a person not belonging to any churches, it is obvious that afflict the spaceport and our entire space industry setbacks do not have a causal relationship with the Orthodox rites, performed on the equipment and personnel. The roots of accidents — decline in competence and responsibility, talent management and theft.

But the desire to furnish religious rites to purely secular event of a secular (on paper) the country itself is one of the signs of this decline.

Demonstrative archaic ideology, everyday life and professional activities — a sign that the ideology and priceadalat too often fail, from which our leaders are distracting the attention of the only way own: appeals to antiquity.

The retreat further and further into the past the natural order led to attempts to get something from the old reactionary piggy Bank. Use of recipes brings a lot of inconvenience, and I will not undertake to predict how far ahead of the game with the so-called blood libel, mythology, ritual sacrifices, and other constructs whose use, even under the tsars was considered a lesson, if not completely forbidden, it is quite obscene. The fact that the Investigative Committee of Russia today is willing to solidaritas a statement of Bishop Tikhon (the first version) and announced its intention “to resolve the issue including possible ritual nature of the murder”, gives the situation a sufficient piquancy.

Moreover, some experience has already been accumulated. Instead of meaningful public discussion about the revolution this fall we held a farcical debate about whether to ban or not the picture of “Matilda”, supposedly erecting a slander on the king was canonized, and in fact unremarkable in shape and absolutely tsarist essentially.

Can we say that the breakthrough “Matilda” is is really so bad ultrarich coalition, from the politically correct Bishop Tikhon to politically incorrect deputatka Poklonskaya? I don’t think. This coalition finds and will find new excuses to put the scientific language, to impose their agenda. Or simply to obscure the real life multi-week and multi-month campaigns about the irreverent attitude of the autocrats, the blasphemies, ritual killings, etc., etc.

This ideology is not so enticing for the masses, and seriously may be implanted only at the top. The power of superatheist not they have popular ideas, and in the absence of government other any bold and enticing themes and subjects.

Than in recent months, the authorities might be interested in and please the people?

Trump, who a year ago was lauded as a heart friend and miracle worker? The flight from Lugansk Plotnitsky, in Russia few people knew and no one liked, and replacing it with a people, generally unknown to the public? The winter Olympics, which either allowed, or not? Removal Sochi medals with first place in the team standings? Non-existent growth of living standards, which for no reason announced by Prime Minister Medvedev? Unsuccessful attempts to give a touch of unpredictability to the President’s re-election?

Masses are waiting for if not bread, at least circuses. But even the spectacle in acute shortage. Hence the real, though temporary surge of positive feelings on such a modest occasion as the arrival of erdoğan to Putin and Khatami.

Of course, this is not the same, the top international League, where people are accustomed to seeing power. But at least something. However, in almost all other international performances, from politics to sports, Russia stands today as an object of pressure, sanctions, boycott, etc.

People really do not require to look for a way out of isolation, most of the items in words agrees with the boss, but the despair builds up, and you couldn’t hide.

And public and private life is boring and hopeless. “Do you think that today people like you easier or harder to succeed than a few years ago?” To this question posed by the Fund “Public opinion”, 44% of respondents said that it has become more difficult, 14% lighter and 34 per cent that nothing has changed.

The greatest pessimism shown by residents of the capitals, which seems to break easier other. On request in free form to talk about the obstacles on the paths to success sounds like a lot of complaints about bosses and difficult living conditions, and little on external and internal enemies.

What is leaders? To recognize his luck? This is not their method. And at least some of the lure for people seek necessary. To come up with something new? Do not go out. That remains to come up with “something old”. Not because that is what is asked for. The masses are fed the myths of the old themes like fed having replaced import cheese product. But the intellectual import substitution no end in sight.


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