World of Warplanes has got the largest upgrade


World of Warplanes обзавелась крупнейшим обновлениемIn World of Warplanes debuted bombers.

Universe war games Wargaming is not just tanks and ships, but also aircraft. The developers announced today that World of Warplanes has received the largest update in its history, which opens up fresh opportunities for both beginners and veterans.

According to Wargaming, the update number 2.0 completely overhauling the gameplay and redefines the role of art classes. For example, the mode “Conquest” turns the game from classic team Deathmatch to a struggle for tactical superiority in the air and on the ground.

Teams must gain control of key points. In this case, each class of technology has a role to play, so that the necessary concerted action with friends. The developers have reconfigured the parameters of all classes so that they more effectively perform one of the tasks and had pronounced strengths and weaknesses.

In World of Warplanes also debuted bombers. The first three aircraft of this family can be obtained in the framework of “Secret project” — it was launched simultaneously with the 2.0 update.

Finally, Wargaming has allowed players to return to battle, not to go into the hangar after the loss of their winged machines. The developers have also revised the economy, changed the shooting system, improved graphics and sound. Director of operation, World of Warplanes, Andrei Jugar argues that large-scale actions in the game will continue — the next event will take place this year, after the “Secret project”.


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