World Cup hockey-2017: Canada and Sweden made it to the semifinals


After Russia and Finland in the semifinals of the 81-th world championship on hockey has stepped teams of Canada and Sweden.

Germany has resisted the Canadians, but to beat the current world Champions could not. Team Marco Sturm due to the dedication before the final whistle gave the home fans hope of reaching the semi-finals.

In fairness, the Germans in the game kept the heroic goalkeeper Philip Grunauer, who in the second period had 20 times to enter the game. A minute before the end of the segment Skinner still struck the goalkeeper of Germany, and in the final period, the Canadians didn’t bother puck, missed in the minority.

Canada — Germany 2:1 (1:0, 1:0, 0:1)
Washer: 17:11 Chifli (most) – 1:0; 38:08 Skinner – 2:0; 53:21 J. Seidenberg (minority) — 2:1

Sweden begins to justify the status of favorite the shadow of the world Cup in the quarterfinals of the “Tre Kronor” on the class dealt with the Swiss, who played poorly in the majority, and have their gates made several critical missteps.

The goalkeeper of Swedes Henrik Lundqvist made 26 saves, and Williams Nylander helped to score Nicholas Extremo and distinguished himself.

Switzerland — Sweden 1:3 (1:1, 0:1, 0:1)
Washers 04:15 Backstrom – 0:1; 12:53 Haas – 1:1; 33:16 William Nylander – 1:2; 43:44 Adler – 1:3

Saturday, may 20, Sweden for the world Cup finals will compete with Finland, and Canada will examine the Russian national team.


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