World Champions in Dota 2 lost in artificial intelligence


Чемпионы мира по Dota 2 проиграли искусственному интеллектуThis represents a tremendous achievement in developing deep learning.

OpenAI Five – team neural networks which were trained in Dota 2, the team defeated world Champions Team OG in San Francisco.

This represents a tremendous achievement in developing deep learning.

In this type of training is not a bot learns how to play and how to learn the ways of the game, figuring out which actions bring rewards. The long-term goal is to better understand these systems and apply them in other areas, such as robotics.

Will reported that the bots OpenAI was trained with reinforcement and independently from each other. That is, they got into the game without prior programming and settings and had to learn by trial and error. Will reported that the AI used tactics that led to a short-term benefit, the system is revived the fallen heroes even in early labor.

Team OpenAI Five completes public demonstration of the capabilities of the system and proceeds to create software that allows people to interact with neural networks in the game. But before that it opens a platform called Arena, which will allow Dota 2 to participate in the games 5 on 5 and try to beat the neural network.

Dota 2 is one of the most challenging games and the most popular disciplines in eSports. The players, divided into two opposing teams of five people playing one of 113 the characters with a unique and variable characteristics.

Unlike chess and go, Dota 2, like many computer disciplines, is a game with incomplete information: the rivals don’t know just what your opponents do and play a major role in the prediction of the actions of opponents. This gives the person a chance.

Until recently, artificial intelligence could not compete with the people in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which applies to Dota 2, but lately the situation has changed.


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