Wooden barrel turned into a comfortable house. Photo


It is like a cozy cottage.

In that just does not make barrels inventive gardeners, but to use it instead of a house, few people came into our heads. But it is as long as not to see the miracle-home of Vietnamese firms Zentado. Its specialists managed to build a real, fully functional house on a tiny piece of land in a makeshift wooden tub 24 sq m, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to novate.

Not only Diogenes sought shelter in a barrel, but modern craftsmen are not spared such a versatile piece, making wooden structures that have similar form, in a comfortable eco-home.

Of course, the area of this “barrel” is quite impressive (up to 24 sq. m.) in comparison with the prototype, but too small for an organization of decent housing. However, the skillful architects and designers Vietnamese firms Zentado managed efficiently allocate space and now it fit residential zones necessary for a full summer of rest and relaxation in the exotic hotel room eco-friendly Inn .

This charming house is equipped with smart furniture and is mounted on a wooden platform with an already-decorated area.

At the customer’s request, if somebody likes the naturalness and decide to organize a platform in front of the house from the present turf, ready design installs directly on the ground. Considering his build and weight, a nice bonus for the buyer will be the mobility, because in this case it can be transferred to another place.

Cognitive: Smart (English). – intelligent, reasonable. Applicable to furniture is a clever design, equipped with the necessary sliding and folding systems, allowing the same object to use for different purposes. Moreover, to ensure a comfortable life do not need to install additional modules or designs.

The house is similar to the barrel, looks very attractive, though it seems tiny and low, but coming closer or getting into the room, the feeling disappears. This is because the design of the house has an arched vault and because of this, the ceiling presses down, and the correct location of the logs visually expands the sloping side walls. A feeling of spaciousness, the creators of this wonderful house have increased due to the transverse location of the boards, which he sheathed both outside and inside.

As these cute structures are created to relax in the lap of nature, then they are collected only from natural materials, as a rule, the Siberian cedar. The only thing as a roofing coating for protection from moisture use a flexible metal.

Especially noteworthy is how the developers managed to “squeeze” all the usual modern man zone inside of the building. As it turned out rational use of every millimeter of space, and transforming furniture can work miracles. And such incredible transformation can be noticed immediately in the yard. Large dining table with benches where you can shelter from the whole company of guests, easily converted into a small wooden bench to make space for free movement.

In order to relieve the internal space and do not enter with dirty shoes inside, she installed a special shelf right at the entrance, a small terrace, formed under the visor at home, protects from rain and sun at the threshold of the dwelling.

Once inside the house, you find yourself immediately in the living room-kitchen, which cleverly hides its capabilities. For example, normal with mean sofa for guests at any moment can turn into a double bed for a couple of children.

And is located opposite the high cupboard no problem getting an extra bed for came unexpectedly guests.

The kitchen generally can not be found if the owner is already preparing food, because even a small electric furnace and that is hidden under the top small cabinets.

And it managed to accommodate not only the hob, but the appliances, all the kitchen utensils and even a full dining table.

So when all the furniture is folded, the living space becomes many times more, especially if will rest only two people. In this case it will be quite and fully equipped bedrooms with a double bed with a secret.

To save space, the bed is equipped with a lifting mechanism and a huge for all its square box, in which you can hide larger items and bedding. Given that the walls have a taper, then one of them sewed and installed shelves for clothes, now it’s a full wardrobe.

In order to seal the space on one of his folds did the folding in half. It is possible to establish a nightstand with a drawer, which will fit a lot of detail.

But the second part of the crop space was utilized for the design of the complete bathroom, which has everything you need: shower, toilet and vanity.

Of course, this charming and comfortable house is worth a lot of money (about 10 thousand dollars.) and not everyone can afford one, well, take this idea in the weapons or learn to efficiently use the area of the power of many.


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