Wonderful word


Чудесное слово

About the “digital economy” “digital state”, “digital Parliament” and other expectations of magic and miracles.

Our government, realizing its inability to do anything well, not to plunder and not breaking working, looking for a magical miracle that will allow them to keep well and live richly, not being able to do anything and not being able to lead.

Now such a miracle was the word “digital”, which, when added to any ruined by incompetent leadership sphere of human activity in Russia must bring something good like heaven on earth.

The trouble is that the “digital chaos” and “digital mess” remain the same chaos and mess, but now our incompetent official from the Prime Minister to Deputy head of the housing Department can proudly (thrusting once asking me for a bribe in the pocket) to say “it’s not me, it’s that digital feel, I can’t do anything and this relationship does not have.”

From “numbers” expect that it will magically make the governance better, more honest officials and law enforcement less sadistic.

No. Not gonna do it.

Just a new “digital” policeman, knocking testimony, beat you not the ordinary electric wire, and twisted pair of 5th category.


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