Womens clothing that can be hazardous to health


Женская одежда, которая может быть опасна для здоровья

Not always wearing the usual clothes can be safe. The doctor-the therapist Natalia Zubareva recommends to think seriously before to wear fashionable clothes.

1. Wearing panties “for” and “against”

The main criterion for determining the quality of the underwear should be material and size. Panties should not pinch the body — anywhere! The main requirement for tissue — its hygroscopicity.

2. Underwire bra

If this article of clothing match well, and the bones don’t dig into body then all right. Peredelyvala limfatici that are in the chest area, many women at risk of acquiring breast disease, inflammation and edema of the breast.

3. Thong

The wearing of this object must have a very short period of time! The fact that the specific cut, promotes close contact of the bacteria from the intestine with the mucosa of the vagina, which leads to frequent inflammatory processes.

4. The walk home is better in loose linen

This means that coming home, you must remove all the clothes to change into spacious trousers, pajama, shalwar kameez — let the body breathe. This recommendation is relevant for sleep in underwear to sleep harmful.

5. Skinny jeans

Peredelyvala yourself from all sides, you hinder normal blood flow, promote lymph circulation, compress nerves. So do not say “thank you” and the hip joints, which in tight pants are “in the grip”.

6. Shoes

The heel height 2-3 cm, Shoe — on foot, no squeezing: here’s your shoes. Everything else can lead to pain in the legs and spine, and swelling.

7. Clothing

Clothing is better to choose synthetic fabrics. Availability in your closet blouses from “breathing oil” will bring you no joy, and allergies, up-to eczema. And the healing of wounds, in particular of psoriasis, in clothing made of cotton is much faster, which is not true of synthetics.


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