Women note: to be beautiful, doctors advise to eat these foods


Женщинам на заметку: чтобы похорошеть, врачи советуют есть эти продуктыWith proper nutrition, a woman can improve her appearance and figure as well as your overall health.

All women dream about, with them eyes, because they look cool. But it is possible to achieve the desired goal only slightly.

In fact, according to the doctors, beauty does not require victims, we just need to make some efforts in order to more beautiful with each passing day and not depend on your own age.

Nutritionists and beauticians have teamed up to bring the power formula for women that would help them maintain normal weight or to get rid of extra pounds, improve skin condition on the face and body, to feel a kind of lightness inside, a surge of strength and energy.

It is necessary to include in the diet the following products:

– a glass of coconut water in the morning on an empty stomach;

– common salt replace with Himalayan pink, as it is a much healthier cooking;

– during the day drink 3-4 glasses of mineral table water, natural, without gas;

– cook and season the salad with sesame oil or olive, the rest better be set aside;

– fresh couple of fresh cucumbers and celery you need to drink every day at least 1 Cup instead of a snack between Breakfast and lunch.

Sure, if you want to be young, slim and beautiful, you need to stop eating and drinking shit, including: fast food, cakes with fat cream, chips, crackers, meats, fried and high-calorie meals, alcohol, carbonated beverages, packaged juices.

There is a ban on Smoking. Among smokers it is rare to meet a beautiful woman without wrinkles and earthy complexion, cellulite, yellowed teeth and other signs indicating that she does not value his life and health, daily poisoning the body with nicotine and tar.


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