Without such a crane in the warehouse can not do


Без такого крана на складе не обойтисьReference manual single girder crane is an indispensable equipment in warehouses.

Single-girder cranes reference manual for the actuator are the most popular, because it have high performance and operate without a mains connection, which significantly affects their cost.

Designed manual single-girder supporting crane for moving and lifting of various loads weighing up to 16 tons in a warehouse or any other premises. Also, the crane is often used in open areas, because it works using the hand movement mechanism of the place of its location can be absolutely anything.

To purchase single-girder supporting crane operated manually directly through the official website of the factory “Krankomplekt” https://krankomplekt.com/ where and produce a variety of crane equipment. Managers will help determine the crane configuration, cost and deliverability, which will be convenient to the customer.

Technical specifications and additional information about manual crane beam:

1. The crane can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +40°C.

2. Often in such need of crane warehouses, agricultural and agro-industrial enterprises, ports, small production line, railway station.

3. Capacity manual reference tap is from 1 ton to 16 tons.

4. Operates without connection to the mains.

5. Is irreplaceable, where there is a need to lift and move from one point to another the load that the loader is unable to raise yourself.

6. The span length of beams is from 3 m to 28 m.

7. Simple to operate and repair.

Single-girder supporting crane operated manually allows in the shortest possible time to arrange the goods in the premises, hoisting, moving and lowering it from one place to another. Without such equipment on such company, which provides moving something that weighs over 1 ton, just not enough.

Buying reference beam crane, even manual, not electric, will enable the entrepreneur to solve the issue of labor and he won’t need to hire a few movers that even with a strong desire can not perform the same amount of work for some time, like a tap. There is another advantage, in addition to time saved, and it is about the money. Cheaper just to buy a tap or two than to pay movers every month.


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