Without injections and tablets: tested folk remedy for bronchitis


Без уколов и таблеток: проверенные народные средства от бронхитаTo cure bronchitis now you can at home.

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi caused by acute respiratory infection or the flu. Incorrect or delayed treatment of SARS and influenza often leads to complications, one of which is bronchitis.

Usually, for a full recovery from bronchitis and elimination of the symptoms of the patient takes about 10 days. But in folk medicine, there are recipes that you put on the legs of a man with bronchitis much earlier.

Of course, to self-medicate at home is highly undesirable. It is better to consult a doctor who correctly, unlike the common man, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. And as tools you can use traditional methods of treatment of bronchitis:

1. Method with sunflower oil. It is often used by our grandmothers when drugs and medicinal injection was not. You will need a towel and half a Cup of unrefined oil, which for starters will need to bring to the boil and then allow to cool. When a little is warm, slowly pour it on a towel with the side that will be touching the chest. Secure the towel on your body with the help of cling film, lay down and cover up with a blanket. After 20-30 minutes, remove the towel and wash him, and with a rinse off excess oil and dress warmly. The next morning you will feel that breathing became easier and the cough is not as sharp.

2. Honey, onion and milk. This tool should be taken as a cough syrup, a teaspoon every hour for 1-2 days. Chop a large onion and pour it into a saucepan, pour a glass of milk and simmer over low heat until until the onions are soft. Then strain the onion in the milk and let it cool slightly and add 1 tsp of honey for 1 tbsp. of the milk decoction.

3. Honey, propolis and butter. Grind 10 g of a dry propolis with the help of a grater, melt 100 g of butter and let it cool down, then mix and add 100 g of honey. Make in half a Cup of boiled warm water add 1 tsp funds, which must be kept in the fridge, stir thoroughly and drink. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

The treatment of any disease should be treated comprehensively, using all available methods that can facilitate and improve the health of the person. So hope that will only help traditional medicine, is wrong.


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