Without food there is no peace — FAO


Без продовольствия не будет мира — ФАО

Living today on a planet of 7.5 billion people are becoming more and more a burden for her, as we, in our daily life consumed a considerable share of the world’s resources.

We no longer feel the connection with natural resources and processes necessary for the production of food for human consumption. To pass on to children the accumulated knowledge, the FAO has released four new guides explaining the difficult challenges we face in the effort to eliminate hunger in the world, reports “КазахЗерно.kz”.

The books were conceived and written specifically for those who will become tomorrow’s adults that they not only studied the problems, but also brought their own ideas into action for a better future.

To feed the world

Overweight people in the world more than two times more than those who every night go to bed hungry. Work towards the elimination of hunger – an educational book for children which a lot of information about how to improve the lives of 821 million people suffering from food shortages, and even how to try to resolve the crisis associated with obesity.

Children will be able to discover various facts and figures relating to food habits on our planet, and in addition know that all of us without exception to eradicate hunger needs to begin — whether public officials, farmers, entrepreneurs or even the same students as they.

Across continents

Just three years ago every seventh person in the world was a migrant. Someone fled from war, famine and authoritarian regimes, others just tried to find a more economically viable future for themselves and their families. Migration today has become a problem partly because migrants arrive in the country or city in large groups, often in need of protection.

In your study journal will Change future migration flows is discussed why people decide to go on a journey full of dangers, sometimes alone, sometimes with his entire family. FAO is working to ensure that people had a choice to stay home if it is safe, saving them from hunger and poverty.

In the rain and in the sun

Our everyday actions, decisions, and actions — all without exception have an impact on the climate. As its inhabitants, our planet also needs to breathe.

The climate is changing, has to change and we — this is the main conclusion of the third training notebook FAO, which shows well-known fairy tale characters that help to explain that food needs to grow without harming the planet. The book discusses seven areas related to food and agriculture that require changes to cope with climate change. This is one way to end hunger in the world.


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