With the Russians asked to collect “lunar dues”


С россиян предложено собирать "лунный оброк"

For the implementation of the lunar program Russia needs to impose population “lunar dues”, said the former Director of the Department of manned space systems of the United rocket and space Corporation Valentin Uvarov.

According to Uvarova, in order to realize the lunar program, you need to find the money for it – $ 30 billion over 15 years, plus another $ 8 billion for the establishment and permanent operation of the station in orbit of the moon. About this he wrote in a column on the portal “news”.

2,15 trillion (at current exchange rate) Uvarov offers to find, dividing “this huge amount” to “100 million people”.

“Get 21.5 thousand rubles per person. Dividing by 15, we get 120 rubles per month. Like a little, but if you impose population “lunar dues”, then we can expect a reaction in the spirit of “Boston tea party” – said Uvarov.

In this situation, he said, participation in such national projects must be strictly voluntary, not providing mandatory and fixed payments.

“It is necessary to create a special Fund exclusively for one task, and each donated money to give the opportunity to see how the funds are spent”, – he stressed.

In October it was reported that the Russian lunar base must be built on the moon in the years 2040-2050. In early October the head of state Corporation Roscosmos Igor Komarov said that the technical profile of the international lunar station, as well as the participation of each country in the project will be determined in the coming year.


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