With the new year came into force new rules for motorists


С нового года вступили в силу новые правила для автомобилистов

The new year brought many changes for motorists. The changes concerned rules of registration of vehicles, technical inspection of vehicles, as well as the mode of work and rest of drivers.

One of the major innovations concerns the rules of registration of the vehicle. Now when the car statement on the account the owner will get the license plate of the region where it is registered. Before buying a car, for example, in Tyumen with a number of the region 72, a resident of Muravlenko with the local registration optionally could use the same license number. Under the new rules it is possible.

Dmitry Dergunov – the senior state inspector of RER traffic police: “You will hand in the registration Department will receive new documents, which will indicate the new license plates, and with these documents you will need to contact a specialized organization, which is engaged in the manufacture of state Reznikov, that is not the traffic police, and civil organizations.”

Also since January, motorists who apply for e-Polis “insurance”, officially allowed not to have a paper printout of the document. They can show the police an electronic version of the policy on the screen of the smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Ilya Rusakov – the senior inspector of traffic police of Irkutsk aviation plant: “And the lack of such document either in electronic form or on paper of drivers comes the responsibility under part 2 of article 12.3., imposed a fine in the amount of 500 rubles.”

With the beginning of the year began to act amendments to traffic regulations requiring drivers of trucks and buses to devote time to rest. Under the new rules they are forbidden to be driving more than 9 hours a day. With every four and a half hours they must take a break lasting at least 45 minutes.

Ilya Rusakov, “the Inspector of traffic police stopping a driver can make a printout, and the printout in the pictogram will be shown all the information about how the driver operated the vehicle when it rested when the vehicle was moving, whether used card tachograph, and whether it was in principle inclusive”.

The changes were made and pass inspection, health certificates for drivers and exams for a driving license, but these amendments will come into force later in the summer and fall 2020.


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