With live bait for walleye


Fishing in the darkness turns out difficult, but the excitement that accompanies it, “catchy” for life. Despite the fact that at night you can successfully catch walleye trolling in the winter, the main fishing tackle for its production are imitation fish.

Their design is almost no different from gear designed for hunting for pike, with the exception of some elements.

Setup tackle

The most important material of the leash. The use of metal leads substantially reduces the number of bites. If the angler wants to protect themselves from the rifles during the “accidental” biting of a pike, he should apply the thinnest leashes made of tungsten or the drive pin elastic material.

But the most popular leashes are made of double fluorocarbon or nylon fishing line. They are characterized by the complete invisibility and not alarming walleye during the bite.

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Another element characteristic of “Zander” imitation fish will hook. The tees used in the hunt for pike, there is almost not used. Instead of them to tackle installing double or even powerful single hook.

Explain to anglers is the extreme suspiciousness of Zander and his skeptical attitude to a rough snap. Also experienced seductrice try to pick up the bait not the back, and through the gills. It was then that the double hook is the most appropriate.

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As for the rest — tackle normal: 15-20 yards of fishing line, 7-10 oz sliding sinker. Zherlitsa for walleye fishing does not differ special design delights.

For maximum visibility when fishing in the dark in the box, attach a strip of reflective material, clearly visible in the light of the flashlight. Charged strip wrapped in cloth, and in the case of the bite is opened and becomes visible from afar.


A few words must be said about used equipment. Because to sit all night in the cold in the darkness — the pleasure is small, it is necessary to take care of your own comfort.

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First, use a good tent for winter fishing. Preference should be given a spacious twin or triple models.

Secondly, can not do without a gas heater: with its help it is easy to heat his “home”, as well as to cook food or boil water. However, it is important to ensure good ventilation.

Not do without a powerful light source. The flashlight should be two: one serves for the lighting of the tent, the other directly to the process of fishing.


The first bite can occur even in the twilight. It was at this time Zander starts to eat actively and happily enough the proposed angler live bait.

The walleye bite is evil and very aggressive: the coil is unwound confidently, handing over the fishing line meter by meter. However, cutting should not rush: there is a risk to snatch the bait fish from Zander’s mouth, especially in the situation when the tee is passed under the gills of the bait fish.

Instead, it is better to cope with their own excitement and give a good fish to swallow the bait. And only after 15-20 seconds a confident roll-out should do short but sharp cutting.

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A very important point in fishing is a permutation of Gerlich. How and when hunting for pike, you should not be lazy and to work actively to tackle. The imitation fish, which for a long time didn’t bite, migrate farther: in new places, and closer to cool holes.

Move start after three or four hours after the onset of the dark time of the day.

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Very often to enhance the fish and cause it to bite maybe wiggling live bait. For this angler goes from tackle to tackle and smooth movements pulls up and down the line. Such movement causes the bait to twitch in a snap, which can not affect the bites: sometimes after this procedure, passes and five minutes lifted the box.

The fishing place

Winter fishing for pike on the imitation fish is almost always searching fish at a maximum for a specific reservoir depths. Wintering holes and stretches of river nearby, the land around the flooded riverbed — as above, for irrigation, and the bottom of the drop-off, rocky ridges, banks, submerged snags and other interesting sights — it is here and should be put imitation fish.

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Another important factor is the nature of the soil in the place of fishing: walleye avoids the muddy bottom, so fishing the silt areas — a waste of time. Installation gear is for the hour and a half before sunset, before dark.

As bait it is best to use those fish, which are the usual food of perch — roach, gustarme, perch, ruff, bullhead, gudgeon. The bait descends almost to the bottom: work down imitation fish is fixed in 5-10 inches from him.


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