Witch hunt


Охота на ведьм

Theoretical situation to you in the afternoon at work a colleague is suitable and offers on days off to go skiing. Without any subtext — just beautiful weather, frost, sun and untouched snow is a joy for the two athletes. Normal sentence? — Completely. Can cause stupor, insulting, cruel anguish? — If will cause something wrong something with you, not with the right person. You can refuse, citing the unwillingness or that ride with husband/wife, and can and disagree, and in a couple of days to walk along the track. All the question is settled.

The second variation on the same theme — it fits you the same colleague of the opposite sex and offers for sex. Then everyone plays from their minds. We usually have if you’re a woman — a slap in the face to the West — a claim for compensation for humiliation, cruel mental suffering, experiences. Horrible word harassment. Although essentially we are talking only about only two varieties of physical activity are associated with different degrees, depending on the person’s emotional experiences and physical satisfaction. No more.

And if the first looks normal, and the second plunges into a stupor, it has to do with the taboo subject of sex in public consciousness, with a long work of Puritanism of all kinds. Would live on another planet — then the civil suit can be had for a mention of the ugly skiing, and in response to the offer of sex to say “sure, come day after tomorrow, my husband will come.”

A clear violation of another’s space, physical freedom and free will, like rape or gross harassment is not considered here, it is obvious why.

But the interpretation on the theme “mental suffering” and “insults” to stand under the light it is possible. It turns out that a surge of such emotion is primarily associated with taboo and sacralization of the theme of sex and related emotions, and the “witch hunt” even more tabouret and sacralized erotic themes, introducing us to the era of neopolitana and neovictorian, where to insult a respectable lady could even the word “trousers” — since it is… obscene.

And feminism, beginning with emancipation, liberation of the female body and mind made a circle and, in their radical and especially loud today manifestations, is actually closed with their opponents. Seeking again to enslave the soul and the body in chains new moral dogmas that make up the self-styled “teacher of morality”.

In conclusion — so far as it is free from harassment and all sorts of mention of sexual themes the salon society of the British Queen Victoria, you can judge for yourself by reading the literature of the time. Refined conversation, manners, innocence of gesture and dance, communicating with the opposite sex only in the presence of friends, relatives or companions sex marriage is strictly regulated commitments and agreements. Only here for innocent and beautiful shop in London gentlemen was filled with crowds of brothels, whose number has broken all records, and the lovely ladies their hysteria was supplemented nascent medical archives of psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

Human nature was formed thousands of years, and on the whistle, or good to appeal not to win it. But once again we’re trying. Flag in hand.

If indeed we were not campaigning, and a serious struggle for “women’s rights” and against a woman facing violence, the digging would start, not where convenient and interesting in terms of PR — not the bright and spacious offices in the alcoves at the fat, white, angloprotestant or Jewish cats, and black or Latino ghetto with their rape, prostitution and fourteen year old mothers, or in the villages hillbilly from Alabama or Appalachia. That’s really where the expanse. About rap culture, with its militant machismo, homophobia, the view of women as an object only for sex and not talking.

But in this region to get uncomfortable, a lot of screeching, little use and continual risk of running into a lawsuit of racial harassment from your colleagues-human rights activist or a black bullet of a gangster.

It remains to find under the lamp…



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