Winter fishing Ladoga hamsters and perfumers


But the world is so constructed that the two phenomena if they intersect, that is very rare.

Often it turns out that, winning in one, lose in another.

Especially the weekend do not always coincide with active cool.

Leaving on the Ladoga ice, we are faced with the fact that deep track from cars in the snow is often overshadowed by a zigzag those who want to continue the path and turn toward the coast.

Multiple scuff marks pointed to the fact that they did this not once, but machine had to push in the build-up, raking bumpers snow in numerous piles.

Niva-Chevrolet confidently off the beaten track, but Jura, our friend from St. Petersburg and head trip immediately warned – the fish will work. The water area is large and the main reference point – the big congestion of cars and mnogofotonnykh companies of fellow anglers there. We agree with him.

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Those small groups on the horizon next to two or three cars did not go to any comparison with the previous visits, when thousands of anglers side by side did what they liked. And our common task is drilling a lot of holes in different directions in search of the giants of the deep.

Winter was frosty, and the ice thickness in some places reached to the arm of the ice. Two or three drilled holes great warmed, but their growth exponentially not warmed the soul.

Changed the place of fishing, the depth, the spinners gave way to rockers, devils and even large jigs. Surprisingly, the most proven rocker Nils Master color 084, didn’t work today.

Tried to plant moth and worm to the jig, but except for one major Ladoga ruff no tempted.

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Our expedition leader on a compromise was not methodically caught only by trolling, and one well, lucky for him, the bass was extracted, but its size can lift your mood, unless Moscow picky angler. Large by Moscow standards “Diamond” tricolor “Techgranny” and “Sleeper” was of little interest to the perch, it has today generally do not attract interest.

Changing once again, we noticed at the side a small group of our brothers in bad luck, but this time there were about a hundred.

“Maybe to drive, looks like they’ve got something there. Look, from time to time they are hand sorted”, we suggested timidly. Yes, it’s “malatrasi” so lovingly in North Palmyra called karmyshakov fans of the spinners. Indeed, the animation of small bait requires frequent games and special equipment wiring.

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Realizing the futility of all attempts to find a humpback whale, our guide gave up. We drilled holes near the two fishermen, and playing a jig, trying to see what the local catch, but all was in vain. Bites we had. Then decided to apply a tactical move.

Sent our fisherman for exploration with a camera to take pictures of fishermen with fish, and most importantly to consider the size and color of lures.

But the messenger returned from the RAID: “Catch on “devil” and a variety of dark jigs”.

I by this time managed to catch small roach on the little “witch”. And noticing the movement of fishermen following the fish, we drilled the hole just ahead of the probable movement of the pack. Instead of jig, I still tied a small lure. I really wanted to catch a big perch.

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Picking up various keys to success, I tried five inches above the small copper spinners Kuusamo on a short leash to tie the fly. The most successful was the imitation of a small caddis with a brown head and cream body. And things got fun.


Ladoga “hamster”. Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

At first I even tried to plant a Joker, but realized that it only hinders the game. Enough to knock gently spoon along the bottom, pause for about five seconds, and then abruptly hang and let go of the spoon so that she went under the water almost horizontally, and darted aside.

Returning to vertical, spoon performs small vibrations, and fly repeats these movements on the large arc.

Don’t know how bright it is under five-foot-thick ice, at a depth of six meters visible these movements, but the perch liked them. Once the spinner stopped, after a short pause. followed weak poke, and the fly wrote on the surface of another whale.

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But here’s my Moscow friend suddenly pulled out of the hole abuts against Gorbachev. Large “fuck” barely hooked it over the edge of the lips. Such we came to catch on rockers and spinners, and he collects the larvae.

Sweeping motion sweeps not gone unnoticed. The right and left of us rustled a few ice screws, biting into the ice. At the suburban reservoirs occurs that competitors is drilled almost under the box, and here is closer to two to three meters no one is perfect.

Here and the neighbors pulled one pot-bellied like a hamster to whale. No, again began to peck small elongated perch, and after a while, began to catch roach. So, the pack moved.

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And interestingly, the bass is attacking from the bottom, and roach thirty, and sometimes fifty inches from him, characteristically pulls jig, but only after moved perches flock.

A few times, changing position, we moved on the ice, fishing satisfying passion, and the situation repeated. But that sense of excitement faded, we walked to our car to get a Cup of tea and exchange experiences.

The catch is small by local standards, but Jaresko enough. It turns out that here the perch and occasionally pecked on the large spoon that has proven Yuri, emptying the bag in the General part of their catch.

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The next morning we met on the Gulf coast.

About two hours had to find the cars “coruscation” on the ice, but deep snow, and most importantly, the lack of rumors that the fish have gone, have not yet awakened many fans of this fishing.

But we noticed two cars in a promising place, but more importantly, we found the beaten track into the undergrowth.

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Barely had drilled the first exploratory hole, the first rod touched the bottom, followed by a bite, and the fresh cucumber smell hung in the frosty air. If you continue an ordinary phrase that pike orderly body of water, it turns out – smelt its perfume.


Ladoga “perfume”. Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Bright blue-purple sheen on the sides smelt slowly fading into the frosty arms. The first fish is always hopeful that the fish will bite, and we were lucky. Biting really began as soon as “black stones.”

The four of us barely managing to cross from one hole to another, we hovered between a dozen rods. And, even full of twenty grams for the first fish, with the duty sandwich long forgotten on a fishing box, and, in the end, was shot down and trampled in the joyful hustle and bustle of the holiday big-game fishing.

Nod shaking, bent to the ground, sweeps from the heel to the ear and while rapidly selected twenty meters of the line, already nodding scarlet ball far hole. And request to strike certain. Friends are busy – all the love.

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And already of course it turned out that Natalia had only adjusted the nozzle and sent the cargo on the bottom, and the men like large bumblebees in search of nectar, fluttered on the ice, shooting fish, more soaking the cucumber scent.

Even unexpected surprises in the form of several bulldog or large crustaceans with a funny name is not able to stop the occasion.

St. Petersburg “crushtique” caught in the tackle with bright foam ball and a few leashes with phosphorescent jigs.

I tried the quiet period to catch a fishing rod with a small multiplier on a narrow spoon in a plumb line, with a planting piece slicing fish. The fact that a flock of predatory fish is often followed by a larger predator – walleye, trout, and sometimes salmon of Ladoga.

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The struggle with the trophy promised to be no less exciting and interesting, even though the bite smelt of bill shock in the arm.

no, unfortunately, failed to bring such fishing to trophy final.

The day flew by. When adrenaline, nor fatigue, nor hunger, not felt.


The evening will have something to fry. Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

But the bites became less frequent, the sky darkened, frost began to grab with wet fingers. It’s time to gather in the opposite way. Fishing rods stow long. Had to leave unselected to the end of the tackle, again and again to rush to his trembling nod.

To leave the Bay did not want to, we have long admired the ships in the distant haze, wandering in the St. Petersburg port. In the heart of the creeping sadness and a desire to come back.


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