Windows 10 will be a handy feature


В Windows 10 появится удобная функция Microsoft will improve the system of connecting devices.

In Windows 10 operating system, will be implemented a new feature that improves the usability of interaction devices running this OS with other accessories. Improvement may find a use already in the Windows 10 upgrade, which will be provided to the users of the operating system in the spring of 2018. The current year is not quite usual, because the conference companies producing the most popular OS, will coincide their conduct.

Microsoft began testing the new, designed for Bluetooth function, which will be available to users in the next major operating system update. Testers of Windows 10 can try a faster and more convenient communication devices using Bluetooth in the latest build 17093 operating system Windows 10, released a little earlier and discussed in Windows Blogs. Features new quick messages via Bluetooth has been reviewed by Tom Warren (Tom Warren) on the resource The Verge.

The first device with support fast pairing of devices is the mouse Precision Mouse Surface. Now Windows 10, you receive a message about the imminent connection of the mouse and the combined computer device with her.

This approach is much more convenient than having to go into settings and look for the section in which you can add a Bluetooth accessory. As reported, Microsoft is working with partners, including Logitech, that to support the new accelerated pairing with Bluetooth available in a larger number of devices.

To date, supported operating systems iOS and Android features pairing via Bluetooth is fast and user-friendly. Support for new quick messages using Bluetooth will be implemented by Microsoft in the next update of Windows 10, which is expected to be released in March or April 2018.

Expansion of functionality of the platforms for digital devices and their attractiveness to consumers is ensured not only by the companies that produce operating systems, but third-party developers. For modern operating systems is of great importance their support by software developers. Why leading companies have a special conference for developers. To plan a technology conference is very difficult, especially in may, because in this period almost every technology company wants to hold your important event. Among them Google and Microsoft, developing popular operating systems of today. Usually the most important conference for developers Google I / O and Microsoft Build are held in may within a week or two. But in 2018 will be different.

Microsoft has already announced the time for its Build conference, which will take place in Seattle from 7 to 9 may this year. The conference Google I / O scheduled for the period from 8 to 10 may. Thus, both the conference virtually coincide. To call this a perfect match difficult. Read more the importance of this match for anyone interested in high technology, were considered in the published TechCrunch article Latinos Frederick (Frederic Lardinois).

Developing the Android operating system for mobile devices Google is called the time of holding the conference earlier than Microsoft. Both companies use their conference for developers in order to make their important news and impress and software developers for its platforms and for users who, of course, every year waiting for innovation, involving not only more powerful hardware but also the software functionality. For example, last year Microsoft during the Build conference announced a new software Toolkit – intended for developers. In addition, saw the light and the new version of the operating system Windows 10.

Starting its Build conference earlier than start I / O, Microsoft probably hopes to attract to its decline part of a huge attention, which usually goes to Google and its developers conference, which traditionally is one of the most visible to the wider user audience technology events of the year. This is due to the huge popularity of the Android operating system, running one of the versions which the majority of modern smartphones.

Microsoft typically plans two days to Build for important presentations, so may 8, 2018 will be interesting for the technological press of the day. This year, on the same day will be the most vivid presentation of the two leaders of the modern technological market companies Google and Microsoft.

Check the Build starts on 15 February 2018. At Google I / O it will be held as specified in the Events section of the website to Google, between 22 and 27 February this year.


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