Will Russia be able to build and populate Siberia,Transbaikalia and the far East?


In Russia like to talk about the future. Better about the remote. In recent years voiced dozens of “strategies for the development of the Russian North”. Real progress is not visible yet. Share vast and rich expanse of Siberia and the Far East in the country’s GDP is small, about 10%, and it continues to decline. Will these problems reflected in the expected country’s presidential address?

While in the far East,Transbaikalia and Siberia,will bet only on the extraction of raw materials and not to build factories producing a variety of things,there is no development, there will be,to work just anywhere,and there are all sorts of mining companies,coal mines,loggers,this casual watch(locust),but the watch needed in the Arctic,but along the TRANS-Siberian railway and to the South,it should develop settled,there are reasonable climatic conditions and there is the border with China.

And you need to disable close(to downgrade to basic and primary) schools and to order the access closed in every area,even rural will have to the College with Vocational-technical secondary education.(now the young people are leaving already teenagers from villages and small towns,there are no prospects even high school graduate).

It is necessary to return the distribution for graduates of teacher training institutions and medical universities(otherwise it will not solve the issue with the staff),to build their housing.

Need a special rural mortgages,must build where people live,and now I want the apartment-mortgage,need to relocate or build with their hands. The program of resettlement from the far North to change and build northerners housing is not in the European part and in the area through the TRANS-Siberian and South of it,it is necessary to stop outflow of the population and not help him. But the Kremlin never realized the obvious and is not understood.

Russians of the North, Siberia and the far East – and our strategic wealth. Yet more – “stash”. The inventory value of the most valuable minerals in the Russian Federation, according to experts of the UN – 30 trillion (8 trillion). However, most of the stocks (80%) is difficult territory. It is Nickel, cobalt, tin, uranium, gold, copper, diamonds, lead. And, of course, oil and gas. But… the share of the richest regions in the total GDP is small. And even continues to decline.

All profits from the extraction of raw materials out of the regions,leaving only meager taxes on land and income.

The author used materiali:http://www.aif.ru/money/opinion/nayti_zabytuyu_rossiyu_kak_vdohnut_zhizn_v_depressivnye_regiony

Сможет ли Россия,обустроить и населить Сибирь,Забайкалье и Дальний Восток?


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