Wife Peskov taught the Russians to remove the stress of standing on nails


Жена Пескова научила россиян снимать стресс стоянием на гвоздях

44-year-old Olympic champion in ice dancing, the wife of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka posted yesterday in your account in Instagram video, which demonstrated how to stand on a plank with nails.

The accomplished athlete wrote that, of course, did this not out of idle curiosity. First, so she marked the international day of yoga, which is very fond of. Secondly, says the Pastor in his message, her coach for this ancient Oriental gymnastics, passing plates with nails, explained that standing on the sharp spikes “improves blood circulation, metabolism, eliminates clamps, stress, and so on.”

The pastor wished all his followers a “good mood”.

Users mostly expressed admiration for the sports form of Tatiana. And one of the readers of the blog Navka said that to be or lie on nails or glass can be “just off”.



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