Wife Mishka shared a languid way “antique”


Kseniya Koshevaya surprised by the unusual way.

As it became known, Kseniya Koshevaya pleased fans with a new photo. She published it on his page Instagram. On it she poses in dress, in style of 18-19 centuries. However, she languidly threw back his head back and looks into the distance, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Politico.

In her hands she holds a palm branch. To such an unusual photo Ksenya left a comment: “Just a mood…,” wrote the celebrity.

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Just a mood… @pico.ua ❤ this @ph_svitlana_levchenko ❤it’s amazing

A post shared by Kseniya Koshevaya (@yalta_k) on Aug 12, 2019 at 7:27am PDT

Many users reacted positively to this photo and expressed his opinion that the wife of Eugene Mishka looks just fine. Many liked the choice of such an unusual style.


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