Why we eat the cheapest food ?


Почему мы едим дешёвые продукты ?

Nowadays, many companies were not the place of the emancipation of labour, but only a place of getting money for food. Because I want to eat everything, especially our growing children.
But sometimes it is very difficult to explain that the money in the family little that it is impossible to squander them, that we need to save.
Remember how in the childhood went with my grandmother to the market to buy there is cheap chicken innards. Then I thought it was a gourmet meal. And smoked ribs cooked on the second, considered a delicacy.
Only 50 years later mother once mentioned that these ribs they bought because the meat we just didn’t have the money. And cost then this “delicacy” 1 (one) ruble kopeks per kilogram.
However, many workers in the Soviet era were financial problems. For example, my mother, who then worked as a nurse, paid 56 rubles per month, then 60 rubles. My father was an ordinary wizard in the factory with a modest salary. At my grandmother’s pension was 41 and 44 of the ruble. Grandparents and me after the war was not. As you can see, to show off us was not for that, and wait for assistance was not from anyone.
But today’s life is arranged so that children and grandchildren we are no money sorry. And manufacturers take advantage of this !
Unfortunately, children do not want to understand that their favorite food – sweets and drinks – not only expensive but, much worse, very harmful for their health. However, the shelves are full of products that are not only for children but even for adults it is dangerous to eat and drink.
However, parents learned to maneuver between the high prices. For example, the more expensive the products they buy for their kids, especially cheap and low-quality products they buy for themselves. And the reason is simple – “Why not do it for their children and grandchildren”…

In the end, this leads to the fact that more people are cutting back on food, and then his pension to spend on increasingly expensive, but sometimes useless drugs.
(Prose life)
Sergey Paliy.


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