Why today women are more likely to dream about sex.


Почему сегодня женщины чаще видят сны о сексе.

A new study has shown that today women are more likely to dream about sex than 50 years ago, reports the Austrian newspaper Kurier. – What role in this is feminism?”.

“For the new study, the researchers of the University of Freiburg 2907 interviewed people aged from 16 to 92 years. The results of the survey were published in the scientific journal Psychology & Sexuality. According to the study, women aged 16 to 30 years today often have dreams about sex than 50 years ago. In each of the fifth sleep of young women is an erotic component. In a similar study conducted in 1966, only less than 4% of women indicated that they see sensual dreams”, – the publication reports.

“On average, about 18% of all respondents dreams had sexual content. Younger participants of the survey generally saw erotic dreams more often,” the article says.

“Not every sex dream automatically pleasing to him who sees, – the newspaper notes. For example, when dreaming of sex with the chief. (…) According to the psychologist Hilda Burke, this dream does not necessarily mean that we subconsciously want to have sex with the boss. It may also mean that in professional life we are ready for something new, for example, to the promotion”.

“Scientists from team sleep researcher Michael Shreds from the University of Freiburg suggest that the increase in the number of erotic dreams among young women is due to the development of equality. Today, according to them, women are more open and talk about their erotic dreams with a little restraint and sense of shame.”

“According to a study conducted in 2007 by the Montreal University, which analyzed more than 3.5 thousand stories about dreams, frequency of erotic dreams in men and women was about 8%. While women are often seen erotic dreams about their current or past partner, while men often dream about sex with multiple partners”, – says the publication.

According to Mark Blagrove, a psychology Professor from the British University of Swansea, erotic dreams are more likely to see people experiencing stress in daily life or facing problems. Satisfactory sex life, on the contrary, does not affect the erotic dreams. According to him, only 15% of dreams associated with the events of everyday life.


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